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Alexis Wolfer Reveals the All-Natural Way to Stay Party Pretty All Summer Long

The beauty industry is chock full of the latest products promising glowing skin, shiny hair and a flawless complexion. They also carry a hefty price tag.

Along with the steep price, beauty editor Alexis Wolfer noticed that these products had something else in common – organic ingredients. While running the popular online beauty magazine The Beauty Bean, Alexis covered topics from hair, makeup and skin, to food and fitness. It didn't take her long to realize: If these beauty products contain superfoods, why can't we just make them in our own kitchens?

And not only is applying these all-natural ingredients good for your skin; eating and drinking organic produce also reflects positively in your nail, skin, hair and eyes. Like a nutrient-packed green smoothie, Alexis blended these ideas together and published her new book, The Recipe for Radiance

Her book, which is available on April 22, includes healthy and delicious recipes to eat for beauty benefits, as well as recipes to apply for topical beautifying remedies. It's broken down into specific areas of the body and conditions you are looking to treat, such as acne, dark under-eye circles, cellulite (!) and more. 

Since we're always interested in looking party pretty and coming up with our own delicious concoctions in the kitchen, I asked the beauty guru herself how this new book came to be, what her favorite recipes are and how we can achieve them right at home. 


Q: When did you start experimenting with food and natural ingredients to make topical beauty products?

A: When I noticed how many products were coming across my desk as a beauty editor, boasting of containing the latest superfood, I thought, "why not go to the source?" So I started playing around in my kitchen and discovered that many of the best beauty remedies are no farther than your kitchen (and they're easy and affordable!)


Q: 'The Recipe for Radiance' includes recipes to apply as well as to eat. How important is eating right to skincare?

Your skin is your body's largest organ so how you feed your body is how you feed your skin. It's essential! You can use all the best products, but if you're not eating for beauty, you're always a step behind. 


Q: So how important are organic, all-natural ingredients?

A: As for organic/all-natural ingredients, they're always better. Your body absorbs it all so you want to ensure the ingredients you're using are as clean/green as possible. That being said, if the ingredients are cooked or peeled, you can worry a bit less. 


Q: There are so many fun recipes to beauty remedies in the book, including the Age-Reversing Wine Mask and Barley & Hops Foot Soak. How did you come to find out that alcohol makes a fantastic topical beauty ingredient?

A: The same antioxidants that make red wine great for your heart and for anti-aging benefits from the inside out make it great when used topically, too. It is drying, so you want to be sure to moisturize well when using alcohol-based skin remedies, but the resveratrol is a great antioxidant! 


Q: Can you drink the red wine while you are applying it to your face? (Because I will probably do this anyway).

Of course! Just be sure you don't get too tipsy that you spill (those stains are a pain!), and always be sure to go glass for glass with water when drinking alcohol since it's dehydrating. 


Q: With summer coming up, what can people do to prepare themselves for hot, humid days, sunburns and the havoc the season wreaks on skin and hair?

A: Prevention is the best advice I can give for sun damage/burn. So SPF daily, hats, sun glasses, the works! As well as sweat and frizz (deodorant/antiperspirant and hair serum, respectively). But if you do find yourself with parched skin and hair, check out all the amazingly hydrating recipes in The Recipe For Radiance. There is a whole chapter on sun damage, and another just on frizzy hair!

Editor's Note: You must check out the recipe for Strand-Saving Beach Spray. It will be my lifeline this summer, and it's super easy and cheap to make!


Q: The book also has so many great recipes to eat that are perfect for entertaining. What is your go-to dish when having people over for a brunch or cocktail party?

A: For brunch, the Blueberry Crustless Quiche is always a winner (and people are always surprised by it!). And for cocktail parties, try making the Chinese 5-Spiced Nuts for pre-dinner cocktails or the Raw Brownie Batter Pudding (serve it in shot glasses) for a nightcap.


Q: What is a good homemade recipe to make for a DIY gift to guests, such as a bridal shower or birthday favor?

A: I love the Sweet Lip Scrub. It's quick, easy and will stay good for ages! 

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