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14 Things You Forgot to Thank Your Parents For When You Were An Obnoxious Child

Because the adult version of you would probably smack the tween version of you for whining nonstop about 'NSYNC tickets. 

Parents are basically saints for putting up with all of their kids' shenanigans for 18+ years. Now that you are an adult and can appreciate the sacrifices they made (mentally and otherwise) for you, here are some things you forgot to thank them for during your childhood and adolescent years:


1. Dropping you off 5 blocks from school because God forbid the other kids see you actually have parents.

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Who, me? I teleported here. 


2. Letting you tie up their one and only phone line with your emergency AOL instant messenger conversations.

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OMG Sarah just totes called you out in her away message. 


3. Dealing with your horrible taste in music.

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Linkin Park? BBMak? Let's be honest. 


4. Driving you to and from (and to and from) endless practices, rehearsals, camps and tournaments. 


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Gas ain’t cheap, yo!


5. Accepting your DIY gifts until you were old enough to actually afford a real present

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"Oh, another popsicle stick dream catcher? Thank you."


6. Letting you sing along to your favorite songs in the car (sometimes on repeat)

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Um no, this SONG has taken it's toll on me. 



7. Giving you lunch money, even though you usually just bought cookies and snacks.

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Chex Mix and Famous Amos cookies are a balanced diet, no?


8. Buying you the PERFECT outfit for the first day of school, because "everyone else was getting something new!"

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Abercromie or bust. 


9. Spending an entire day painting your room. And then repainting it when they realized lime green isn't the best color for bedroom walls.

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How about a nice neon pink instead?


10. Rewinding your favorite movie for you over and over again, just so you could watch it for the 39,483th time

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Play it again!


11. Letting you borrow the car even when you JUST got your license.

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That dent was already there, I SWEAR. 


12. Sitting through a three-hour school play, even though your debut role as the town apple seller only had two lines.



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And the Oscar goes to...


13. Dealing with you whining about all of your friend and relationship drama.

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Or worse, not talking to them at all.


14. Reminding you that you are perfect, just the way you are.

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Thanks, Mom and Dad!


P.S. — Don't forget to get them something nice for Parents Day on July 27! Check out 1-800 Baskets for some fun and personalized gift ideas.


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