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12 TV & Movie Bosses We're Glad We Don't Work For

Even if you and your boss don't necessarily get along, just be greateful he or she isn't one of the horrible head honchos on this list. With the likes of Michael Scott, Bill Lumberg and Don Draper, you'll be thanking your lucky stars that your boss is just demanding, rather than downright awful.

In honor of Bosses Week, we've rounded up some of the most iconic bosses from our favorite movies and TV shows. You know, the ones we love to hate (and would hate to work for!).


1. Michael Scott from 'The Office'

via wp.streetwise.co

Michael Scott has many flaws to his leadership in the office. Not only does he openly despise HR, but he’s offensive to literally everyone, and has a “That’s what she said” for almost every conversation. Talk about inappropriate!


2. Dr. Julia Harris in 'Horrible Bosses'

via 37.media.tumblr.com

This boss brings a whole new meaning to sexual harassment in the office. It’s hard enough to get our work done day-in and day-out but with a boss like Dr. Harris, quitting seems like a safer option!


3. Bill Lumberg from 'Office Space'

via agencyfirebox.com

This boss is not only obnoxious, but always seemed to find a way to take work off his own plate and pass it on to someone else. Coming in on Saturdays and Sundays? Um, no thank you!


4. Don Draper from 'Mad Men'

via researcherblogski.files.wordpress.com

Late nights in the office, and afternoon (and sometimes morning) cocktails to get his through the day, Don Draper isn’t the boss we’re dying to work with. His fellow cohorts must agree, he seems to have found himself back writing copy… we’ll see how long his good path will last.


5. Miranda Priestly from 'The Devil Wears Prada'

via media3.giphy.com

We’re thankful our bosses don’t expect the things Mrs. Priestly does from us. In-home drop-offs, house calls, and getting exclusive copies of Harry Potter? We’ll pass.


6. Gordon Ramsey from 'Hell’s Kitchen'

via 38.media.tumblr.com

Talk about bad working conditions. Who wants to be constantly yelled at while they work, especially around hot stoves and sharp knives? We’re all for constructive criticism, but constructive is the key word here, Gordon.


7. Donald trump from 'The Apprentice'

via blackenterprise.com

“You’re fired.” Even his signature catch phrase has us shaking at the knees. And those assignments, are they designed to ever run smoothly?


8. Ari Gold from 'Entourage'

via media.giphy.com

When you work for Ari you seem to really be working for his wife. Not so great if you ask us. Plus, his sexual innuendos and racist comments would have us fixing our resumes before he could even get her on the phone.


9. Miranda Bailey from 'Grey’s Anatomy'


via 37.media.tumblr.com

She doesn’t get her nickname “the Nazi” from being nice to the interns. She’s no-nonsense, and won’t take excusses from anyone. Though she might be coming around in her old age.


10. Bernie Lomax from 'Weekend at Bernie’s'

via vebidoo.com

Ok, having a dead boss that you have to carry around, not fun! But think back to what got Larry and Richard into that situation. Bernie was embezzling money from the company. Luckily, a mix up with the hit man ended up solving the money problem, though it created something a bit harder for the boys to deal with.


11. Margret Tate from 'The Proposal'

via worldnewspress.net

Interfering with employees personal lives goes to a whole new level with Margret. Forcing her employee to marry her so she doesn’t get deported… that’s pretty low.


12. Tony Soprano from 'The Sopranos'

via img.pandawhale.com

Disagree with this boss, and you’ll be going on a little vacation, to the bottom of the ocean that is. Who wants to work in fear of doing something wrong… especially when you’re dealing with a mob boss?

If you do enjoy working for your company and your boss, make sure you show him or her a little appreciation. Head over to 1-800-Flowers and check out their collection of gifts for Bosses Week.

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