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Bridal Shower Games

Play these fun bridal shower games to keep guests entertained. These ideas will keep the party going while also serving as fabulous ice breakers!

We've all been to bridal showers, and we all know how they work. To shake things up, plan your next one armed with these fun bridal shower games! Most of these games revolve around the bride, but all of them will get guests engaged and keep them entertained.


Game #1: Bridal Memory Game

Take a trip down memory lane with this remiscent (and often revealing!) game. WARNING: this is not for the easy to embarass bride! Guests at the shower get to share one memory she has with the bride.

Supplies: Note cards for each guest, pencil or pen, container

Set Up: Either pass out the cards to guests as they come in, or better yet, have piles of cards with a pen at each table.

How to Play:

Give each guest a piece of paper and pen and have her (anonymously) write down a memory she shares with the bride.

One of the bridesmaids collects the papers and places them into a hat or some other container.

Have the bride pull notes from the hat and read them aloud.

The whole party then guesses who the bride went skinny-dipping with in a pool in Miami with, sang karaoke at 4am with, etc.

*It's harder to guess when guests who are the culprit participate and try to cast suspicion on others.

Adapt By: Making this a more silent game. Pass out paper to have guests write down their suspicions. Have the bride write down the names, too. After all are read, go back and read off who was the memory maker in each scenario. The person with the most right answers wins a prize.


Game #2: How Well Do You Know the Bride & Groom?

Bring out bridal shower guests' competitive side with this fun trivia game. This bridal shower game tests how well the guests know the bride and groom. It's a good chance for the newer family members to learn more about either the bride or groom.

Recommended Number of Players: 8 or more (the bigger the group, the better!)

Supplies: Pre-made questionairres about the bride and groom, prize

Set Up: Print your questionairres

How to Play:

The bride should come up with between 10 and 15 questions about her groom. Vary the difficulty for these. Her bridesmaids should do the same for her. Make sure both the bride and groom supply the right answers for each question!

Once questions are compiled, print out the questions (without the answers).

When you're ready to play, pass out the questionairre for the bride and the one for the groom.

The rest of the shower guests answer the questionnaires and whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize. You can do one prize for the bride's survey, another for the groom and one big winner, if you'd like.


Game #3: How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom?

Brides-to-be will love displaying their knowledge about their fiance . After you test your guests' know-how about the bride and groom give the woman of the hour (aka the bride-to-be) a quiz of her own. This time, make sure your questions are extra hard!

Supplies: pre-made quiz about the groom

Set Up: One of the bridesmaids (or whoever) comes up with 10-15 questions (on the harder side!) about the groom, and sends them to him to be answered.

How to Play:

Once the shower is underway, the bridesmaid asks the rest of the shower guests to guess how many answers the bride will get correct. Give them a fair shot and let them see the questions! (You don't have to show the answers, though.)

After the bride has opened or gifts (or at any point of the party of your choosing) have the bride sit down in front of her guests.

The maid of honor, or all of the bridesmaids in turn, then pose the questions to the bride. They should keep track of answers!

The person or persons who come closest to predicting the correct number of answers win a prize. And if the bride gets all the questions right make sure you give her a prize too!

Adapt By: Adding life lines. Allow the bride to give a shout out to the mother of the groom or sister of the groom. Another idea might be to poll the quests on what they think the answer would be.


Game #4: The ALMOST Newlywed Game

Test the bride and groom on their compatibility with this game. Be careful to choose questions both are comfortable with and get their seal of approval before you pose the questions in front of all their loved ones. You wouldn't want to cause any fights or embarrassing moments!

Supplies: 10 - 15 questions

Set Up: The bridesmaids come up with 15-20 questions for the groom, which they send to him to answer. The bride should answer these same questions at the shower.

How to Play:

At the shower, first ask guests to guess how many answers the bride and groom will have in common.

Then, have the bride sit down in front and pose the questions the groom answered prior to the celebration to her.

After the bride has answered, share the groom's answer with her and the guests.

Whoever comes closest to the correct guess of how many questions they'd have compatible answers for wins a prize.


Game #5: Love Poetry

This next bridal shower game takes the spotlight off the bride and gets the guests involved.

Recommended Number of Players: 20+

Supplies: Any poem on love you like.

How to Play:

One of the bridesmaids at the shower reads a poem (preferably of the love variety) and then guests get points if they are wearing some of the key words in the poem (red shirt, barrette, etc.), or showing in some way some of the imagery presented.

Though it's fine to search for and use a poem already written, we like the idea of the bridesmaids coming together to write a personalized one about the bride and groom.

Be creative! Whichever guest has the most points wins a prize.

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