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Surprise Your Significant Other with a Heartfelt Love Note

When's the last time you recieved a love note? Surprise your significant other with an old school pen and paper memo.

            “Thanks for a great night, Love Muffin.  See you later. XOX.”

            “I love you more than anything.”

            “Thanks for being my forever.”

Have you ever received a love note such as these?  Love notes to my husband once resembled some of the aforementioned proclamations of amore, however, since marriage and children, now look something like:

            “Can you pick up some milk and toilet paper on the way home?”

For those of us who haven’t written a love note since the “Do you like me? Check yes or no.” days of elementary school, there are now many more means of conveying our innermost feelings and desires to the ones we love.  

In a digital age where computer screens have replaced good old fashioned paper, a note penned by the one you treasure is perhaps the most endearing.  When we take the time to script each word in our own unique handwriting, we leave a piece of ourselves behind for the other person to breathe in and cherish.  A less sentimental option is a text message, although worded just the right way, it can have the same effect as a hand written note.  And for Cupid’s sake, forget the text abbreviations and type a real message. I love you and can’t wait until I see you later loses some pizazz when written: Luv u cant w8 till I c u l8tr!  (Not to mention the fact that it makes the sender of such a love note appear illiterate. Call me crazy, but I’ve always found illiteracy a turn off.)

One of my favorite ways to let hubby know how I feel is by writing it on a sticky note. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, you can personalize the note to suit the mood you’re trying to create---and then leave somewhere he or she is sure to find it.  How would you like to flip down your car’s sun visor to find this note:  “I’m blinded by my love for you.”? Or how about opening the cover of your Kindle to find a sticky note which proclaims, “So glad we’ve created our own story together.”?  Or better yet, what if you opened up your umbrella only to have the following sticky note float out: “Every day is a sunny day with you.”?

Of course, if you don’t mind voyeurs, you can always resort proclaiming your love for one another over social media. Though you may want to keep in mind that notes intended for your love which are made public may elicit the finger down the throat response from some viewers. And for those of us who outright boycott the written word, you can still make Stevie Wonder proud.  Just dial those seven digits and leave a voicemail: “I just called to say I love you.” 

Sending little love notes to the object of your affection is not just for teenagers anymore.  Be it a note between life-long loves, newly joined soul-mates, or even a note from a mother to a child via lunch box, the love note has unmistakable power. However you decide to tell that special person how you feel, be sure to make it extra special!

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