Crafts for Kids to Channel Their Creativity

Channel your child's inner artist with these summer craft ideas! Who needs TV when they can create their very own masterpieces to show off and love!

Next to the macaroni frames and all the popsicle art, engaging your child in arts and crafts is a great way for them to expand their creativity, learn patience, and diversify their interests. It also wouldn’t hurt to use your child’s new-found talent for your own decorating and entertaining needs, either!

But if a love for art isn’t flowing through your child’s veins, there are still ways to get them involved and exploring their creative side.


Backyard Camping Trip

Planning a camping getaway in the yard is the perfect way to get the kids away from the T.V and enjoying the outdoors. Since they don’t have their usual electronic entertainment, they will be looking for ways to keep busy. This is the perfect opportunity to plan a few crafts for them to learn and play with.



Teach them to decorate wood objects, make their own paper lanterns, cut and paint their own owls, and finally set up and decorate the tents! Prep a few of your favorite outdoor/camping inspired crafts for variety.


Tie It To School

If there’s a particular topic or story your child is really excited about at school, let them explore the subject even further with a related craft! If it’s a book, have them create puppets of the characters and retell the story in their own way.

If they are learning colors, have them mix their own paints or even colored frosting! Get creative with your crafts - coloring books aren’t the only way to play!


Give Them Their Own Signature

This is a sure-fire way to get the kiddies excited about wearing smocks. Let them design their own signature to mark their works of art as their own. After all, if Leonardo had one, your little one should have one too!

Use their design to create custom made stamps for them to stamp their masterpieces with! They’ll love being able to put their personal mark on their work, and are sure to be inspired to create art they can really be proud of.


Movies and TV for inspiration

The easiest way to get the kids excited about arts and crafts is to work it in with their favorite movie or television show. This is also a fun way to make TV a little more educational.



Brainstorm some fun craft ideas using characters or themes from that movie or show. To celebrate Dr. Suess’ The Lorax, we made our own Truffula trees.

So instead of spending your summer days in front of the TV while the kids play video games, get your smocks on, your paint brushes ready and spend some quality family crafting time!

Check out all our kid-friendly craft ideas to inspire hours of fun!

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