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Decaying Corpse Halloween Party Game

When it comes to gruesome Halloween party games, you just can’t beat this game! Fun for all ages, this idea is the perfect Halloween party activity.

There are lots of different variations on this Halloween party game, but the goal is basically to pass around bowls full of disgusting “body parts” and have the players guess what they’re feeling. Yuck, but totally fun!

  • Peeled, over ripe tomato (brain)
  • 2 frozen grapes (eyes)
  • Cold, raw meat (heart)
  • Ketchup, thinned with water (blood)
  • Plastic glove filled with water and frozen solid (hand)
  • Dried apricot (ear)
  • Chicken bone with a bit of meat still on it (nose)
  • Noodles with two raw eggs mixed in (worms)
  • Handful of wet yarn (hair)
  • Bowls for the body parts (card board boxes or blindfold, optional)
  • Pencil and paper (for each player)
  • Halloween rhyme (from American Folklore, and posted below!)
  • Plenty of hand wipes!

Prepare your body parts before guests arrive.

Have all the players sit in a circle, and turn off the lights, making sure that it’s dark enough that no one will be able to see what's being passed around.

Give everyone a pencil and paper.

As you pass around bowls or paper cups full of “body parts,” recite the rhyme written below and have each player write down their best guess for what’s really inside.

Hand out a prize for the player (or players) with the most correct answers.

Tip: Have plenty of hand wipes at the ready to keep the mess at a minimum!

Alternatives: Blindfold the players, or place the "body parts" in cardboard boxes with hand-sized cutouts and have them reach inside to feel the contents.

Prize Ideas: Small plastic pumpkins filled with candy, Halloween-themed stickers or stamps, ghoulish sweets like gummy fingers or eyeballs

The Rhyme

Once upon a Halloween night,


living in this spooky town,

was a man who died of fright

bearing the name of Brown.

Many and many a year has passed

since they buried Brown away,

but his withering corpse we've here amassed

dug up from his tomb today!

Here is his brain, which feels no pain.
(Pass a peeled, overripe tomato)

Here are his eyes, frozen in surprise.
(Pass two frozen grapes or cocktail onions)

Here is his heart, nevermore to start!
(Pass a lump of cold, raw meat)

Here is his hair, once so fair!
(Pass a handful of wet yarn or fur)

A few drops of blood, the rest turned to mud!
(Pass a bowl of ketchup thinned with warm water)

One hand all alone, rotting flesh and bone.
(Pass a plastic glove filled with water and frozen solid)

Now touch his ear, which does not hear!
(Pass a dried apricot)

And here is his nose, cold in his repose.
(Pass a piece of chicken bone with some meat left attached)

All that's left of his skin are these worms within!
(Pass a bowl of spaghetti noodles mixed with two lightly beaten eggs)
Poor Brown is dead and withered away,

can you guess what we really felt today?

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