DIY 'Love' Cupcake Topper

Sometimes the sweetest and smallest details are the best details when you are styling your party or special occasion.

Individual letters placed carefully in a cake as a topper or in cupcakes in a row are a big favorite of mine. They add an air of whimsy and personality to any baked good! Not to mention, your cake is utterly personal when you put a name, or in our case, a word up on top.

Of course, these skewered letters aren’t restricted to the bakery aisle of your party. These “LOVE” letters would look equally nice in a flower arrangement or perhaps on their own in a vase. If you’re power-tool inclined, you could drill a line of holes in a piece of wood or a log to make an individual semi-permanent display for your letters.



Paint them a rainbow of colors and make them your own. Go beyond the word “LOVE” if you have a different party theme; these letters are so easy and inexpensive to make, you’ll want a set for every event! Unfinished wooden letters are available a most major craft stores.


  • Unfinished wooden letters to spell “LOVE”
  • Grey paint
  • Thin dowel rods or bamboo skewers
  • Hot Glue
  • Red gemstones



Step 1: Thoroughly paint your “LOVE” letters grey. Don’t forget the backs of the letters! You never know who may see your cupcakes or cake from behind. You’ll want to let the letters dry completely before going on to the next step.

Step 2: Turn all your letters face down. Run a line of glue on each letter then carefully place the dowel onto the letter. Make sure there is enough of the dowel/skewer glued to the stick to give the letter the support it will need to stand up straight. Also, for continuities’ sake, try to glue your dowel to the same side on each letter.

Step 3: Once the glue dries, turn them over and place gemstones sparingly on your letters.



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