DIY Potato Stamp Goodie Bags

No need for fancy brushes for this party craft! Just check your local grocery for the perfect tool to making fun and creative goodie bags.

Your kids will love to join in the fun and help you make and fill these adorable treat bags. A simple potato is transformed into a circular stamp in this kid-friendly craft and bold, bright colors jazz up ordinary brown bags, for a craft that is cheap and chic—our two favorite things!

  • Two small potatoes cut in half
  • Small circular cookie cutter
  • Sharp paring knife
  • Paint in bright colors
  • Small brown paper gift bags
  • Black marker
  • Scrap paper

Step 1: Help your child with the first few steps of this craft as it requires the use of a sharp knife. Start by pressing the circular cookie cutter into one half of a potato until a well-defined indent is made. Using a paring knife cut a way any potato around the circular indent until a cylindrical stamp is made. Discard the potato cuttings. Repeat with the rest of the potato halves for as many colors as you plan to use. (You can save scraps for some oddly shaped potato hash for breakfast.)



Step 2: On a palette, pour your colors of choice and dip the potato stamps into the colors. You may want to use a piece of scrap paper to test out your dots or to blot off any excess paint so your dots do not smudge on the bags.



Step 3: Go to town stamping your bag. You may choose to stamp in a random pattern or coordinate your dots.



Step 4: Once the paint is dry use a black marker to draw balloon tails and fill the bags with colorful treats and toys for party guests to take home with them.

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