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DIY Stork Baby Shower Centerpiece

A DIY stork-inspired centerpiece is a fantastic way to add a thematic look to your baby shower party tables, but also goes a long way in helping the mom-to-be in that it's base is made from baby diapers of various stages.

Craft a few of these baby shower centerpieces for your baby shower and dress your stork according to the theme of the celebration. Don't worry about just sticking to blue or pink embellishments either - Mr. Stork can get dressed for just about any theme!


For the Diaper Bundle Base

2 1/4 yards of 3 inch wide black ribbon (1 cut to 36 inches for the bundle and  another cut to 44 inches for stork neck)
1/4 yard of pink toile
2/3 yard of pink fabric (recommend a light weight cotton blend with a 48 inches or greater)
12-14 Rubber bands or 2 small rolls of 1/4 inches white ribbon
2 bags of baby diapers (if you're making a few of these centerpieces try using a variety of sizes)

For the Stork Head and Neck

2 (12 x 18) white fun foam sheets (available at Michael’s)
1 (12 x 18) yellow fun foam sheet
Thread for sewing (or you can use a hot glue gun)
Pink feathers from a boa (optional - you can embellish however you'd like!)
1 dowel (3/8 inch to 5/8 inch wide by 30 inches long)

For the Pom Pom Body

12 sheets of tissue paper (makes one pom-pom)
8-10 inches of green floral wire
(Store pom-pom kits can be used and they come with the tissue and wire)
1 dowel (3/8 inch - 5/8 inch inch wide by 30 inches long)


To Create the Pom Pom Body

Layer 12 sheets of tissue paper together. 

Fold the stack of tissue paper accordian-style every 2 inches. (Kit pom-poms are pre scored for folding).

Wrap the 6-8 inch piece of wire around the center of the pom bundle and twist the wire several times to secure, leaving enough unused wire to later secure to the pom pom to the dowel.

Fan the tissue paper by flattening the folds. Start at one side and separate one sheet of tissue, carefully pull the sheet toward the center of the pom-pom.

Be careful not to tear the tissue (ok to scotch tape it if you do). Repeat with each sheet of tissue, until you have completed each side.

Once you have a full pom-pom, separate the sheets so you can locate the green wire – then set aside.

To Create the Diaper Bundle Base

Take a 49 inch by 20 inch piece of fabric and fold it in half to measure 49 inches by 10 inches(fabric backing would be on the outside).

Sew the end and the side of the fabric, leaving one 10 inch side open for turning inside out.

Trim after sewing to reduce the width of the seam and turn inside out and iron.

Finish the open seam – toile will cover the stitching.

Cut 2 pieces of toile 16 inches wide by 20 inches long.

Fold the 16 inches of toile in half and gather as you attach to about 7 inches at ends of each side of the bundle.

To Create the Stork Head

Take one of the (12 x 18) white fun foam sheets and draw the stork head / neck  (use pencil). The stork head / neck should be around 15 inches in length.
Cut out the stork and use it to trace the same drawing on to the 2nd foam sheet.

For the yellow beak cut 2 beaks out of the yellow foam, using the white foam as the template again.

Align the yellow beak on the white foam stork and either baste stitch  the yellow beak or attach where the bill meets the head (see image) below.

Once the beak is secure to the white foam, cut away the white beak (excess thickness).

Create both sides of the stork’s head / neck attaching the beak to the white foam.

Align the 2 sides of the stork and baste sew the outside of the stork and leave the base open, the dowel will later be inserted up the neck for support.

Add a black marker eye to each side of the stork’s head and then set the stork head aside.

Attach a black ribbon around the stork’s neck and either stitch or glue a few heathers at the top (optional). Feathers from a inexpensive child’ boa work great.

To Assemble the Stork

Take 5 diapers and either rubber band them together or tie them with a bow. Stack the diaper bundles in a pyramid in the center of the pink toile fabric, toile side up.

Take the ends of each side of the bundle (underneath the toile) and gather the fabric around the top of the diapers. Use your black ribbon to secure and tie the ribbon in a bow.

Take the pom-pom with the dowel that was set aside and gently place the dowel down through the center of the diaper bundle. Move diapers around to get the dowel down to the bottom of the bundle.

Fluff the pom pom to hide the dowel and the green toe.

Last, attach the white foam stork head by sliding it down the dowel. Move some of the tissue so you get the head into the pom-pom and the bottom of the foam is not visible.

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