Budget-Friendly DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Having a centerpiece on your dining table really sets the tone for your party and makes the meal feel even more like a special occasion. Punch up the special by making your own centerpiece out of vegetables that you pick out and can customize according to your preference. This centerpiece seems especially appropriate for a Thanksgiving meal, since the holiday celebrates the bounty of harvest time. 

It adds a hearty, rustic touch to your table, and is incredibly budget-friendly). Bonus: When the veggies are done taking the stage on your dinner table, you can eat them!

For the base and the vases, I utilized my local dollar store, but you may also find these things at your thrift stores or grocery stores. You may even have some of these items at home. For the “bouquet”, pick and choose what is pleasing to you. I recommend that you walk into your local grocery store and check out the produce section with new eyes. Look at all the vegetables and fruit as potential flowers – there is an array of colors and textures to choose from.



There are a variety of ways to assemble the centerpiece, but here are some tips to use as a guide:

1) Have the tallest glass in the center and place glasses of various heights around the middle one. The different levels will make the whole thing feel more cohesive.

2) Make sure to get some foliage. I used parsley and kale. These can be used to top glasses full of baby tomatoes and radishes, or can be places in taller glasses to provide a backdrop for a central fruit or vegetable.

3) Try different combinations of vegetables and fruits in the various glasses. It might be helpful to take photos of different combinations so that you can objectively assess and compare the overall presentation.

  • Gold spray paint
  • Plastic tray



  • Vases or glasses of different sizes and height



  • A variety of vegetables


Coat your tray with several layers of spray paint and give it 24 hours to dry.



Place the glass containers on the tray, with the tallest one in the middle.



Arrange a variety of vegetables in the glasses



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