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Valentine's Day Ideas: Do's and Dont's for Office Cupids On Valentines Day

Sending your loved one a gift at work for Valentine's Day is a sweet and romantic way to say "I Love You". Unfortunately, sending a gift to the office can also be tricky.

You want to send a gift that makes your sweetie feel special without embarrassing them in front of their coworkers. Here are some Do's and Don'ts for sending Valentine's Day gifts to the office.

Do: Avoid sending personal/intimate items.

Sure, a pantygram may seem like a sexy and romantic idea, but if your lover has nosy coworkers who can’t help but peep over the cubicle, sending her a leopard print thong is a no-no.

Flowers work in the office like sexy lingerie does in the bedroom! They'll let your Valentine and co-workers, nosy or not, know just how much you're thinking about her. Add a more subtle, yet sexy, card attached to some beautiful flowers with a hint or idea of what gift may await her at home.

Don't: Send a naked love-struck cupid to the office.

A sure fire way to get your Valentine in trouble at the office is to send a singing naked man in a diaper dressed as cupid. You may think it’s cute, but her boss will  most likely disagree. Besides, some co-workers may find it difficult to concentrate with a hunky man dressed in diapers prancing around the office.

An idea your sweetie is more likely to enjoy is if you dressed up like Cupid yourself and surprised them at home! It's fun, cute, and slightly less embarrassing (for your sweetie, that is).

Do: Keep the booze to a minimum.

Wine and Champagne are the universal drinks of romance. If you’re planning to send your significant other a basket that contains a bottle of their favorite wine or bubbly, you may want to rethink it.

Besides the possibility of an uptight boss, you don’t want your Valentine enjoying your gift a little too much at the office. Save that bottle for the romantic dinner you’re going to be cooking at home and opt for a more office-friendly Valentine's Day basket.

Don't: Giant teddy bears (or any stuffed animal).

For some reason, the gift card companies have convinced men that women of all ages loved stuffed animals. Well, speaking as someone who has owned only 2 stuffed animals that I ended up giving to my dog as a chew toy, no giant bears!

For one, your Valentine will not be happy about having to shlep it back home. Plus, giant bears can be embarrassing instead of flattering for some.

Do/Don't: Racy Messages

If sending a gift or flowers, you may want to keep the steamy, private details to a minimum. Sure, you may be in the romance mood, but you don’t want your message getting into the hands of a nosey co-worker or peeping Tom.

If you want to give your sweetie a little message that will get them in the romantic mood, try a subtle reference or something only you and your Valentine will get. Something like "Dinner's on Me" is short, sweet, and definitely has a double meaning.

Your also safer with text messages or emails to personal accounts versus her work phone/email. But if you know her company is strict about personal email/phone use during office hours, keep it to a one text minimum.

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