Biggest Do's & Don'ts From Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Lavish Wedding

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know that Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy Kanye West tied the knot over Memorial Day Weekend in a lavish two-day extravaganza that sprawled Italy and France. 

And while it was definitely a dream wedding -- I mean, a rehearsal dinner at Versailles? Private jets to Florence? John Legend performing your first song? -- there were also some wedding details that made us say, "what?!" Check out some of our favorite dos and don'ts from the Kimye wedding. Because even if you have no interest in these two as people, you know their wedding is a must-see event. 


Do: Treat Your Guests to a Memorable Experience

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Obviously, the Kimye wedding was incredibly over-the-top, and more for their own egos than for everyone else. But along with all of the fanfare, guests got to enjoy a lovely weekend, including a private event at Versailles for the rehearsal dinner, live music from Lana del Ray, Andrea Bocelli and John Legend, a four-course meal, seven-tiered cake and top-shelf libations. If you are going to make a spectacle of yourself, at least make sure your guests are having a good time. 


Don't: Make Your Wedding a Week-Long Affair

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It's understandable that when having a destination wedding, you want to arrive to the destination early to get everything set up and finalized. However, weddings are about one day of your life; two, if you are counting the rehearsal dinner. But making an entire week all about you is just selfish. People are there to celebrate your love, not parade around you for a week.


Do: Have Your Stepfather Walk You Down the Aisle

Even though Kris and Bruce Jenner are divorced, Kim still had her step dad walk her down the aisle. After her biological father died in 2003, Bruce has been a constant supporter and father figure in her life. It was great to see that tradition play out at such a big wedding!


Don't: Worry About Old-Fashioned Traditions

Old school traditions claim never to wear black to a wedding (it's like you are mourning the their nuptials), and to never wear white (to outshine the bride). But these "rules" are so old-fashioned, and unless you know it's going to personally offend the bride or the groom, wear whatever color you feel appropriate!


Do: Host a Black-and-White Theme Wedding

Via Kim Kardashian's Instagram

That being said, it was clear that Kim and Kanye had a black-and-white theme with their black tie wedding. All of the guests wore black or white, which was a theme they had requested. If that's a theme you are interested in for your nuptials, go for it! Just make sure it's clearly stated on the invitations.


Don't: Let Your Sister's Boyfriend Wear a Costume

Via Jayden Smith's Instagram

Even though the wedding had a black and white theme, Kim's little sister Kylie Jenner brought her boyfriend Jayden Smith -- who wore a white Batman costume. He called himself Albino Batman all night. Um.. OK?


Do: Have a Black-and-White Photobooth

To go along with their black-and-white theme, Kim and Kanye had a simple photo booth with hi-res photos taken in black and white. The prints were full 5-by-7 prints, which is a special and unique favor for the guests. (Long photo strips are usually the norm in photo booths for us commoners). 


Don't: Hog the Photo Booth from Guests

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Even though it's your big day, let other guests have fun in your booth! Kim and Kanye spent a lot of time in their photo booth, which is great. But eventually, other guests will want a turn!


Do: Rock Matching Bride & Groom Accessories

Via E! Online

I love the idea of having matching his and hers accessories for the reception or post-wedding activities. Some people opt for matching caps, hoodies or T-shirts; Kim and Kanye got custom-designed leather jackets that read "Just" (on Kanye) and "Married" (on Kim). Well, if you can afford it...


Don't: Let the Groom Speak for 20 Minutes at the Reception

It's a known fact that Kanye loves to talk, and loves to hear himself talk. So it should really be no surprise that Yeezus spoke at his own wedding reception for nearly 20 minutes, according to E! News. That's incredibly long, especially for such a formal event. I mean, people want to dig into their food, you know?


Do: Change Dresses, if You So Desire

Kim changed from her long, lacy Givenchy wedding gown at the ceremony to a shorter beaded custom Balmain dress at their reception. If you want to go for a wardrobe change, then by all means! Just make sure you have a good plan on where you are going to change, and if you'll need to do any hair or makeup touch-ups. 



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