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Easy Halloween Costumes for Couples: Famous Pairs

Scary, sexy, silly, we all have our own Halloween costume style. If you're a master of macabre, or skilled at special effects make-up, you're probably all set for fright night. The rest of us may need a little help with our masquerade, especially if we're dressing as a duo.

Media couples, real or fictional, married or ground together as gossip grist, are always a big hit on Halloween. After polling my funniest friends, and trolling the tabloids, I've come up with some winning ideas for couples' costumes inspired by Hollywood.

Posh & Becks

If you really want to "go for it" with this pond-hopping pair, dress as they did on the August 2007 cover of W Magazine. The Posh + Becks look is as easy as it is contrived. For her, I'd go with a skimpy, strappy dress, huge sunglasses, and a wig that captures her current hairstyle, whatever it may be. For him, go with the Galaxy team uniform, a blonde, spiky wig, and be sure to bandage your ankle.

Blades of Glory

A man that wears spandex, is a man destined to win "Best Costume" at the Halloween party. At IMDB, a movie database, you can view a slideshow of this hilariously male/male ice skating couple, played by Will Ferrell (Anchorman, SNL) and John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) in the movie "Blades of Glory". Take your pick from a selection of shiny unitards, adorned with sequins and flowing trim. Try shopping on line at dance or gymnastic apparel stores to find your outfits, and then hit a craft store for the accents. This get-up requires some hairstyling as well, whether you go with wigs or give yourself a temporary perm. Don't forget the headband!

Mac & PC

This unlikely twosome from the Macintosh computer commercials is a fun one for an office party or the geek crowd. By the way, I love a good geek as do many women, so don't be surprised if you get a lot "play" impersonating this pair. For PC, a conservative gray suit and glasses will sell the character, along with a slight comb-over and hair gel. For Mac, the hipster black jeans and black V-neck shirt says it all.

Super Bad

Every Halloween features a new "nerd" character or two, and I believe these guys have swiped this year's spot from the Napoleon Dynamite crew. You may need some acting chops to pull off their naivete, and here's a photo spread of the pair on the IMDB. Hit the local thrift store for plaid polyester pants, and assorted mismatched clothing. Zip your hooded sweatshirt up high, and fasten the top button on your shirt. Get yourself a 'fro wig and have your partner put a little wave in his hair with a curling iron. Walk like you're super cool, and never let 'em see you sweat.

Geico Caveman & His Unsympathetic Shrink

How much do we love this enlightened Cro-Magnon from the Geico commercials? The brilliance of this character is two-fold: his attitude and his make-up. Assuming that you can portray his sensitive, yet sarcastic nature, it's all a matter of how you're going to fashion your face.

First off, search "Geico caveman picture" on line to find an image for reference. Then, visit Cinema Secrets, a renowned beauty and special effects make-up shop in Hollywood. On their website, you'll find character categories, such as "alien" or "vampires", with professional latex pieces that you apply to your face. I searched around for a caveman kit and didn't see one, but I have some suggestions.

In the Woochie Pro "Ears Nose Foreheads"category, there is a forehead piece called "Ugh-ly", which looks like a caveman's brow. I didn't see anything "on the nose" to suffice as the Geico caveman nose, but if you put in a set of rotted teeth, you'll look positively prehistoric!

Now, I'm not a professional make-up artist, and I'm sure there are other materials that you'll need such as: adhesive and remover for the latex pieces, synthetic hair for the mustache and beard, a wig if your hair isn't naturally stringy, and tan color make-up with sponges to blend it all in.

Give Cinema Secrets a call when you're ready to buy, and ask them to point you in the right direction with supplies and possibly a book on technique. Who said being a caveman was easy? The rest of this couple costume is simple; contemporary and stylish for the caveman, and his psychologist should wear a nice suit, with a pen and paper pad as props.

Obama & Hillary

I'm not gonna' go too deep on the description for these two, except to say that they'd make a lovely couple on Halloween. Borrow some catch phrases from recent debates, don a wig or mask, and dress for success!

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