Funny Companies Who Pranked Us This April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is typically reserved for annoying kids who put salt in the sugar bowl, or those d-bag boyfriends who pretend to propose and instead pull out a Ring Pop (hint: don't be that guy).

But this year, big-name companies have gotten on the April Fools' Day prank bandwagon, and delivered some pretty hilarious hijinx. Even though it's pretty obvious what these companies were up to, we couldn't help but laugh at their creative attempts at pranking us this year. 

Google's Google Naps

Ok, this legitimately makes me happy. I know it's supposed to be a parody. But the only thing I like more than using Google to think for me (what is the conversion of ounces to pounds?) is taking a good ole nap. Google maps meets dreamland in this phony app that lets you find spots around your city to take a snooze. You know, like park benches.


Netflix's Sizzling Bacon

To be fair, how many people do you think added this to their queue without realizing it was a joke? Bacon is like a religion in America, folks. I personally find watching bacon without being able to smell or eat it torture, but to each his own. 


Cheeto's Perfume

If you want to smell attractive to a teenage boy or a stoner, then this Cheeteau is for you. 


Google Announces Upcoming Video Trends

YouTube is taking full credit for all of the viral video crazes over the last 10 years (planking, The Dougie, etc.) and introduces new viral trends including "Clocking" and the "Glub Glub Water Dance."


Sonic's Kale Cream Pie Shake

Kale, be kale. You're a vegetable. You're not an ice cream or milkshake ingredient. Hopefully Sonic agrees with us and admits this an offensive prank, not a new recipe.



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