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Games to Play With Candy Corn

We don't know about you, but for us, it's not Halloween without candy corn! We use candy corn in these fun kids Halloween party game ideas.

Whether the kids love these yellow, orange and white candies or aren't such big fans, we've got some fun ideas that encourage them not just to eat the Candy Corn, but to play with it, too! Get the kids around and play these fun children's Halloween party games.

Candy Corn Count

Summary: This traditional guessing game is a great activity to play to get the party going. Simply fill a large container with candy corn, and have your guests guess how many candy kernels are in the jar!

Ages: All Ages


Large clear container
Candy Corn
Strips of paper

How to play:

Fill a cauldron, pumpkin pail, witch hat or any other festive container with lots of candy corn. (Be sure to keep track of how many pieces you are putting in!)

Have your guests fill out their strips of paper with their name and guess.

Winner: Whoever's guess is closest to the actual amount wins!


Bobbing for corn

Summary: The goal of this game is for your guests to race to the bottom of their jello cup in search of the candy corn. Have guests collect their found candy corn, and the first one to the magic number (we chose 10) is the crowned victor!

Ages: 5+


At least 20 cups of jello with candy corn pieces at the bottom in random amounts (between 0-3 per cup)
Extra cups for collecting candy corn

How to play:

Round up all the players at the table, with the cups of jello in the middle.

On your mark, all the players should start digging into the cups of jello (with spoons, or with their mouths only - your call)

Whenever they find a candy corn at the bottom of the jello, contestants should put the corn in a seperate cup for collecting.

Once a player reaches 10, the game is over.

Winner: First person to collect 10 candy corn pieces wins!


A Sweet Relay Race

Summary: The goal of this game is for each team or player to fill up their empty bowls with candy corn using a small spoon.

Ages: All Ages


Start and finish lines
Candy corn
Bowls or jars

Set up:

Mark a start and finish line for your race.

At the start line, put an empty bowl next to each player's station.

At the finish line, put a bowl full of candy corn next to each player's station.

How to play:

Each player must use the spoons to transfer the candy corn from the start line to the finish line.

Winner: First player to empty their whole bowl into the finish bowl wins!


Candy Corn "sorry"

Summary: Give the family fun night game Sorry a Halloween twist by using candy corn instead of dice to determine how many spots you move.

Ages: All ages


Sorry board game and pieces
Candy Corn
Cake stand

Set up:

Prepare a bowl of candy corn for throwing. Set this up next to where each contenstant will be standing.

A few feet in front of the bowl, place a cake stand upside down.

How to play:

Follow the rules for sorry, except use candy corn to determine how many spaces each player moves.

Before each turn, have each player place 10 pieces of candy corn in their hand.

Then, they will toss the candy corn towards the cake stand.

Since the cake stand is upside down, the base will be at the top and the usual plate part will be at the bottom. Every piece of candy corn that lands on the top counts as one space to move.

Winner: The person at the end of the board first wins!


Candy Corn B-ball

Summary: This game is basically like basketball, except instead of using a big rubber ball, you are using candy corn. And instead of a basket, you are using large bowls.

Ages: All ages


3 bowls of varying sizes
Candy corn

Set Up:

Align 3 bowls of varying sizes one next to another. Mark each bowl according to point value. The largest bowl will be worth 1 point, the middle worth 2 and the smallest worth 3.

Have a bowl full of candy corn ready.

How to play:

Have the kids line up in a straight line behind the bowl of candy corn.

Each player gets 5 turns to throw the candy corn pieces into the bowls.

Keep track of how many points each contestant gets.

Winner: The player with the most points wins!

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