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Halloween Activities for Kids

If you're hosting a Halloween party for the kids, you'll want to have a few activities planned in addition to the trick or treating and not-so-spooky Halloween kids movies.

Here are a few festive games and activites to keep your little ghouls from causing a ruckus.

Silly Skulls Bowl

A fun game of bowling -- Halloween Style!

How to Play:

Choose an area in your yard or home as the bowling lane.

Pick up some plastic skulls to use as bowling balls.

Set up craft bowling pins or plastic pins from a kid's bowling game.

Roll the skulls and try to knock down the pins.

Pumpkin Toss

Toss glowing eyeballs into pumpkins for a fun game.

How to Play:

Hollow out a large pumpkin.

Set the pumpkin in your yard or home.

Establish a tossing zone about 6 feet away from the pumpkin where kids will stand and toss.

Have kids toss silly stuff into the pumpkin like eyeballs, beanbags or Halloween candy and trinkets.

Mini Pumpkin Petangue

Have a blast with pumpkins!

How to Play:

Create 2 teams of no more than 3 people per team.

Give each team 3 mini pumpkins or sugar pumpkins.

Select a starting place in the yard and mark an 18-inch diameter circle.

Toss a coin to determine the starting team.

The first player on the starting team stands in the circle and throws a 1-inch diameter ball about 6 feet away, which becomes the "target."

Then, the first player must stand in the circle and throw his or her pumpkin trying to get it as close as possible to the target.

Next, a player on the opposing team stands in the circle and throws a pumpkin trying to get it closer to the target or knock the first pumpkin away.

Players continue throwing pumpkins until they are done.

A point is given for each pumpkin that is closer to the target ball than the opposing teams' pumpkins.

The team that earns 13 points first wins the game.

Bone Relay

A relay race for every ghoul to enjoy.

How to Play:

Have teams line up behind a starting point.

Determine a "run to" point that is a straight shot from the starting point.

Give each team a plastic bone as a relay baton.

On "go," the first player from each team races to the "run to" point, then back to the starting point.

The bone is handed off to the next player on the team who races to the "run to" point and back, handing off the bone to the next runner and so on.

The team who completes the relay first wins.

Spider Bingo

Use spiders to mark your number off in bingo.

How to Play:

Pass out Bingo cards to all players.

Instead of chips, use plastic spiders to mark the Bingo numbers that are called.

Have fun with the "B.I.N.G.O" in bingo! For example, instead of B10- Say "Boo 10" or instead of "G20" say "Ghost 20"

Pumpkin Painting

You can't go wrong with a round of pumpkin painting! Kids love drawing their spookiest and goofiest faces on those funny looking squashes. Turn it into a contest to really inspire that creativity.


mini pumpkins (one for each child)
paint and brushes
Any other trinkets kids will use to dress their pumpkin. (When we did this last year for my nephew, he used Mr. Potato head parts and stuck them in his pumpkin.)

On the day of the party

Set up a large table and place the paint, glitter, etc. on it.

To Play

Hand out a mini pumpkin to each child.

On the count of three have them race to the decorating table.

Give them 5 minutes to decorate their pumpkin in whatever way they want.

After the 5 minutes are up have them line their pumpkins along the edge of the table.

While the pumpkins dry, have the kids clean themselves up.

When they are finished, sit in a circle and have each child present their design.

Vote on the prettiest pumpkin, most creative, scary, etc. and whoever wins gets a prize.

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