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Most Epic Boss Pranks Caught on Video

Office pranks these days aren't just between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute. These bold and brazen real-life employees took a cue from 'The Office' and decided to pull some killer pranks on their bosses at work.

Instead of pulling a lame prank on April Fool's Day, surprise your boss with one of these epic practical jokes (assuming your boss is the kind of person who is into pranks, and/or you don't mind running the risk of being fired). If you're not brave enough to pull such an epic stunt at work, you can live vicariously through these brazen employees who went all-out in the name of a good old-fashioned joke.

Balloons in the Office

Filling an entire room full of balloons is a classic, but one office took it to the extreme when their boss Chard was on vacation for a whole week. They took the opportunity to fill the whole office, floor to ceiling, with 1,500 balloons. When Chard returned, he was shocked to see so many inflated balloons in his office, but had no choice but to enter safely -- but popping each one-by-one. Luckily, cameras were installed in the ceiling to capture all of the prank's glory.

Newspaper-Covered Cube

In April 2010, some ambitious computer programmers in Ljubljana, Slovenia decided to have a little fun while their boss was away for nine days in Cuba. After some careful planning, they lined his entire office in newspaper, making sure no surface was left uncovered. The plastered the print all over the floor, walls, desk surface, chairs and even computer screens. They kept his red chair red, and left a trail of red paper to his seat. When their boss finally returned from his trip, he walked into the surprise of a lifetime -- complete with the Star Wars "Imperial March" playing in the background. Luckily, he was amused at the whole gag and his cheerful reaction was caught on camera for all of YouTube to enjoy.

Air Horn Surprise

When two bored employees were left alone at the office, they decided to plant the ultimate surprise under their boss's desk chair. They took time to carefully install an air horn while he was gone, and when he sat down at his desk and reclined back in his chair, all of the employees were in for an unexpected shock. The 2:44 mark is when the real magic happens. 


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