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Share Some Love From Home: DIY Care Packages for Your College Student

I loved heading off to college every fall. I got away from home, and back to my friends. But little reminders from my parents showing that they care meant the world to me. Remind your college student that you love them, even if they are thousands of miles away with these care package ideas! 

Sending your child off to college is hard enough as it is, and you don't have to go crazy every month sending care packages to remind them that you exist. These simple ideas will get your student out of the library for a bit and thinking about you. Plus, they might even prompt a phone call home every once and while!

Zipper Card Pouch

via craftpassion.com

What college student doesn't need a few extra bucks here and there! From groceries, to school supplies, or even a fun movie night with their friends this DIY from Craft Passion is a great way for your student to keep their gift cards and cash all together. Plus you can fill it up before you ship it to them.


Fun Academic Year Planner

via etsy.com

If your student is anything like me, they need some extra help organizing their life. I'm obsessed with this planner from Ninj and Ninj on Etsy, because its beautiful, but also helps me to remember family birthdays approaching and exams that I should be studying for!


Salty and Sweet Trail Mix


Managing classes and a social life is a balancing act, and then making sure you have time to eat... pretty close to impossible in college. These quick trail mix recipies are healthy, and easy for your student to grab in between classes and hanging out with their friends.


DIY Mason Jar Tumblers


Whether they are filling up their cup with coffee, water, juice, or even beer, this simple DIY will keep them hydrated, and thinking of you everytime they take a sip. Not such a great crafter? We've also found a few mason jar tumblers that you can buy.


Paint Chip Calendar

via mapleandmagnolia.com

Along with a planner, this DIY Calender could be great to help your collegiate organized. All you need are some free paint chip cards from your local paint store, and a simple poster frame. It's erasable which is a total plus in my book, plans in college are constantly changing.


Healthy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk & Walnut Cookies


Don't let your student fall too deep into the freshman 15. These Healthy Gluten-Free Cookies are made with almond meal, a great alternative if you're skipping gluten, or just trying to stay skinny. The almond meal will even help to make your student feel more full, instead of indulging in the whole box... though they are so tasty they just might have to.


Hand Stamped Recipe Cards

via etsy.com

When I was in college I was always calling home for recipies to try for dinner. It was hard for my mom to explain them over the phone, and even if she did I would forget before I even hung up the phone. Enter these hand stamped recipe cards on Etsy,  they allow for you to write down your family secrets, and let your student try them out while away at school! You can send a few at a time or your entire repertoire for them to choose what they like best!


Instagram Photo Wall

Social media is sure to become a way of life for your student, so why not make it perminent. I love this decor idea because it can quickly be put together and added to as you get more photos. Plus you can add a few family pics to remind your big kid on campus where they came from!


Send a Message Fortune Cookies

via delish.com

These cookies from Delish are the perfect way to send your student words of encouragement during tests, or even just lapses of time in between breaks. 


Mason Jar Money Gift

via creativecapitalb.com

Like I said before, college students can always use a little bit of cash, especially when it comes to coins for their ever growing pile of laundry. My mom used to send me off to school with ziplocks filled with coins, but this cute Mason Jar is so much cuter. I also love the little hard work pun, reminding your student that all the time and effort they are putting in will bring them greatness in the future.




via topmagazines.wordpress.com

Give your student something to enjoy in a care package. I never bought myself magazines while at school and loved when my mom would roll some up and send them to me. Getting a special treat in the mail from a parent or loved one is a great way to remind anyone that no matter how busy they are there is always time to stop and spend some time on theirselves.


DIY Pumpkin Body Scrub


Speaking of pampering, this DIY body scrub is a great little gift to send to your student. They can enjoy expholiating their skin, while drenching themselves in the fall season favorite scent, pumpkin. And if you make a bit extra you can pamper yourself as well.


Popcorn Factory Survival Kit 3-Flavor Popcorn


via thepopcornfactory.com

This bucket of popcorn from the Popcorn Factory is a great gift to send away to college. Not only will it be a tastey treat, but it can also make a great party snack, or help introduce your student to some new friends in the student center... you can't eat a tin of popcorn alone!


For-Fun Books

via barnesandnoble.com

Text books are nothing but boring (unless you're an english major, but even then...). Send your student a fun read for them to take a break from the studying with! Barns and Noble has a great selection of books hitting the big screen that could give you some great ideas. Hey, it's never too late to read "The Giver".


Upcycled Glitter Stroage Boxes for School Supplies

via madiganmade.com

I constantly run out of paper clips and staples. I'm obsessed with these little upcycled boxes from Madigan Made because you can fill them with extra supplies! Make a few of these for your student and fill them with paper clips, staples, coins, or even some extra money, they are sure to love them!

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