How To Make A Popup Birthday Card

Skip the store bought cards and make this fun pop up birthday card ideas! We've got the how-to for not only creating the card but customizing to fit your special someone.

Rather than buying an old card, make this pop up one! It's so easy to customize for the birthday boy or girl's personality, and a really unique way to share some wishes for a great day.

  • One piece of cardstock for the outside of the card, and two pieces of white cardstock for creating the inner popup.
  • Patterned or colored paper to decorate the outside
  • Scissors
  • A picture of a background that has a distinct bottom and a top in equal portions.
  • Color Printer
  • Gluestick

Choose Your Background and Popout Pictures

Then, choose a picture to print out for your background, and two smaller pictures to print out for the "pop out" foreground area of the card.

Cut out the pop out pictures from their background so they are ready to be mounted on the card.

Helpful Hint Personalize your popout birthday card by opening the background photo in "Word", and typing a message across the top.

This card says,  "On your birthday, have your cake and eat it too."

You can also print out a message for the front of the card. For our card we wrote, "Happy Birthday to our favorite foodie" to play on the cake theme.


Fold Your Card Horizontally

Fold the colorful cardstock for the cover of the birthday card, as well as the background picture in half for the inside of the card.

The end result should be a card that is horizontally oriented.

Make the cuts about half an inch to of an inch apart so the "arm" that will prop up the popout picture is sturdy.

Make the first set of cuts shorter than the second set of cuts.

Keep in mind that the longer cuts will create a longer "arm" that props up the popout photo closer to the person viewing the card. Shorter arms will make the popout picture seem farther in the background.

Once your cuts are made (four cuts total), open the folded background picture.

Using your finger, push the cut flaps outward so they pop forward off the background picture, toward the viewer.

Once they are pushed all the way forward, fold the background picture down again to create creases in the arms that will hold the popout pictures. (See picture for a visual)

Attach the popout pictures to the "arms" with a gluestick.

Only spread the gluestick on the lower half of the arm to avoid the pictures sticking to the background of the card.

Use the gluestick to affix the birthday message on the front of the card.

You can also use paint pens or a Sharpie to handwrite on the cover if you'd like.

Spread the gluestick across the back of the background picture, and affix it to the inside of the colorful card.

Be careful not to get glue on the back of the arms in the process.

Cut the Popout "Arms"

While the background picture is folded in half, make two sets of cuts in the paper on the folded edge.

These cuts will form the prop for your popout pictures, so make the cut based on where you want them to appear in the finished card.

Fold the Popout Arms Out


Attach Your Popout Pictures


Finish the Cover of the Card


Complete Your Popout Birthday Card

Voila! Your Popout birthday card is finished.

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