13 Haunted Movies & Activities for the Whole Family

We're gearing up for the most haunted time of year with a few scary movies the whole family will enjoy! We've also got some Scary Adult Halloween Favorites for a night without the kids!

These fun movie's will make the perfect movie night with the kids this Halloween. If you want to skip the scary parts, we've also picked out some family movies and activities for anytime of the year!


1. The Addams Family (Rated PG-13):

Watch this spooky family while you and the family have some themed mocktails. And for the adults, we’ve also got a few cocktails to make this movie even more enjoyable.


2. Casper (Rated PG):

Pop this movie into the DVD player and serve up some of these ghosts and goblin pudding cups for your kids to enjoy! A friendly treat goes perfectly with a friendly ghost.


3. Casper Meets Wendy (Rated PG):

Use this fun film to get your decorations ready for outside your house! Let the kids watch this movie and make Linen Ghosts to hang in your trees and welcome your trick-or-treaters!


4. Matilda (Rated PG):

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This magical girl always puts a smile on my face! Pair this movie with your own delicious chocolate cake, or one of these for a sweet treat in honor of the loveable chubby kid Bruce.


5. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Rated PG):

Why not enjoy some boney cookies while you enjoy this Halloween classic. These skeleton cookies from Munchkin Munchies are adorable and remind us of Jack Skellington. They would also make a great spooky gift for any Halloween party.


6. Frankenweenie (Rated PG):

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Grab your pup and enjoy this movie with the kids. The perfect mix of Frankenstein and man’s best friend might make this a movie night tradition.


7. Halloweentown (Rated G):

In honor of this Halloween classic, why not make your own classic Halloween craft? Get ready to make your best Jack-O-Lantern yet. No carving + yummy candy = perfect craft for the kiddos. 


8. Coraline (Rated PG):

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Since this gal ventures into another world where everyone she knows is a doll, make your own rag doll (or bust out your favorite at home) with whom your children can enjoy this slightly scary movie.


9. Pooh's Huffalump Halloween Movie (Rated G):

This preschool film isn’t anywhere close to scary. But to make it a bit scarier, and stick with the pirate theme, we thought why not dress up like your very own pirate! We’re thinking about giving these pirate hats from Handmade Charlotte a try. Ahoy!


10. The Haunted Mansion (Rated PG):

There is no chance we would watch The Haunted Mansion without turning our house into its own spooky house! Check out our tutorial and give it a try for yourself, or recruit your older ones to help out.


11. The Little Vampire (Rated PG):

Settle down with this Little Vampire, and some of your very own blood to enjoy to spread on your favorite treats Have the kids help make this edible gore, and let them decorate some movie treats with it… bloody popcorn anyone?


12. My Favorite Martian (Rated PG):

Blast off to find your favorite martian after this flick with your very own paper rockets like these from Curious Kangaroos. You’re kids are sure to enjoy making them, as well as watching this alien adapt to our world. 


13. Hocus Pocus (Rated PG):

Another classic Halloween movie, we’re thinking about brewing up some Witch’s Brew Iced Tea for your family, and even some guests. Everyone will love the sour sweet mix while they enjoy these three witches stirring up some trouble.

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