Mad Men Drinking Game

This drinking games relies on various cues through out the episode. It is not for the faint of heart or those not akin with the drinking habits of a successful ad agency in the 1960s.

In addition to Don, Betty, Peggy, Joan and Pete - a Rye on the Rocks or well crafted Manhattan are essentially cast members themselves on Mad Men. The ad-men sure know how to knock 'em back, so if you're having a swingin' sixties, Mad Men viewing party you'd better have more than enough drinks to enterain your guests plus fun Man Men drinking games to keep the fun going.

Drinking Cues

Take a sip (or, if you dare, a shot) every time...

A man in the office gets poured or pours himself a drink

Don sleeps with someone other than Betty

Roger Sterling refers to Joan as "Red"

Don insults Peggy 

The name "Dick Whitman" is referenced

Pete has to ask his father-in-law for a favor

Bert Cooper is seen without shoes

An actual historical event is mentioned



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