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Why 'Mean Girls' Quotes Are Still Totally Fetch 10 Years Later

This may be a bold statement, but I would argue that 'Mean Girls' was the best and most influential movie of the 2000s. And since Tina Fey is a comedic genius, the movie, its quotes and all of its twisted lessons still hold up, 10 years later.

Although the flick was released on April 30, 2004 — and is focused on a group of high school students, no less — so many of the movie's best moments still totally relate in your 20s, 30s and beyond.

Sure, we might not live in our parents' house anymore or have to deal with the cliques of high school queen bees. But we do have to battle the cliques at work, navigate the competitive dating world and figure out a way to be nice to each other. Oh, and twerking is still really awkward. And now we have social media to throw a wrench into the whole thing.

Check out some of my favorite quotes from the movie, and how they are relatable 10 years later.


1. Even Really Thin People Go on Diets

Except now it's kale salads and juice cleanses instead of protein bars.


2. Twerking Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

I don't care what age you are, it's weird. Please stop. 


3. Some People Have a Lot of Feelings

And now we get to read all about them on Facebook and Twitter.


4.  Spoiled Kids Have an Incredible Sense of Entitlement

These people are now our peers. They do things like quit their jobs via a viral YouTube video, or complain loudly when Starbucks spells their name wrong on a cup.


5. It's Totally Normal (Though Frowned Upon) to Eat Your Feelings



In high school, it was courtesy of the cafeteria food. Now, thanks to Seamless, you can eat your feelings with whatever you want, whenever you want.


6. Finding a Place to Fit in is Hard

Should I grab coffee with the nerdy folks from IT? The smart people in accounting? The "cool" team over in marketing? 


7. People Say Mean Things to Make Themselves Feel Better

Looking at you, anonymous online commentators.


8. Slut Shaming is the Worst

Preach, Tina.


9. Having a Crush on Someone Can Make You Say Weird Things

Was that OK Cupid message I just sent charming, or stalker-ish?


10. Ultimately, it's Best to Just Be Yourself



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