Meet the Designer: Jane Lorenzini

Take a look at our latest interview with designer Jane Lorenzini for her design tips and inspiration sources. 

Could you tell us about your work? What inspires you?

My work is play! I love to draw and have since I was a little girl. I’ve trained at Doodle University for four decades. I’m inspired by the people who ask me to create a special design for them or for a friend. I’m so grateful they’ve given me a reason to draw and the chance to capture their vision. My reward is reading “That’s perfect!” from a happy customer.

How would you describe the style of most of your designs?

I named my business ‘plain jane’ in reference to my designs – plain, simple, clean, cozy. For me, less is more when it comes to design.

How has your art changed over the years? Do you have any predictions of what it will be like in the future?

I remember the days of hand drawing and water coloring my designs. A set of stationery cards would be scattered across my couch, drying, so I could then package them! I eventually learned how to scan a design into my computer so I could produce multiple images. When I began getting requests like, “I love this design, but can you make the little girl have red hair instead of brown?”, I knew I had to find a way to easily adjust designs so I could specialize in custom work. I bought a drawing pen and a software program and taught myself how to draw and color on the computer, making sure not to lose the cozy look of ‘handmade.’ The future? I feel like I’m constantly behind! It’s difficult to stay current. The only thing I can predict with certainty is that I will always love creating…no matter what the format.

What made you decide to work with

As we all know, for years now, paper has been losing its foothold on being the most common way people communicate. Throw in the rising cost of stamps and the writing is literally on the e-wall. I decided to try my hand at designing for pingg as a way to learn a new skill, and to cross promote my products. provides a relatively easy way for a newbie like me to stick my toe into the electronic pool. I am blown away (and inspired) by the quality of art exhibited by the Celebrations designers!

If you had to choose a favorite invite you have made, what would it be?

If you mean for pingg, it would be my RSVPeep Easter invitation. My first love is writing, (and what I do for a living), so it’s always fun to mix a whimsical design with the twist of a phrase.


What benefits have you found the Internet has for your work?

I feel so lucky to live in the age of the internet so I can do business via e-commerce ( Many of us could never afford a bricks and mortar location! Being able to create for people all over the country is exciting and rewarding. Regarding electronic cards, I certainly hope my designs bring a bit of joy to the folks who both send and receive them.


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