Meet the Designer: Megan Hain

Today we are interviewing designer Megan Hain of The Stationery Tote. Check out her design tips & tricks also with her favorite inspirations.

How would you describe the style of most of your designs?

Modern whimsy – my own personal style is more modern, but somehow whimsy just seems to find its way into my designs!

How has your art changed over the years? Do you have any predictions of what it will be like in the future?

What has changed the most is probably the level of detail and depth. When I first started out, I was printing myself, which meant most of my designs were on a white background to save on ink costs. When I began designing for other companies, I was able to move into full color and my personal style really took hold. One thing that has always been there, however, is the use of shadows and depths, which has sort of become a signature of mine. As I move on, I see my designs continuing to become more layered and detailed!

What made you decide to work with

Celebrations was the first place my designs were featured on a website other than my own, and I love the freedom of design and time I get working with Celebrations. I also love the fact that the customers decide which designs are hits and which aren’t, which doesn’t always line up with my predictions when I publish them, but keeps me on my toes and on the hunt for new and unique ideas!

If you had to choose a favorite invite you have made, what would it be?

That’s a tough question, because I seem to fall in love with each design as I complete it (or develop it). One of my favorites would have to be my Coffee Cake design, which I continuously go back and work on! I also love my Martini Pink card, which was one of my most popular sellers when I got started on ebay!


What benefits have you found the Internet has for your work?

Since I got started on the Internet, the benefits are priceless. I actually cannot draw by hand, much as I wish I could, so all of my designs have taken shape digitally and then were published via the web. I would not be able to do what I do without the Internet!


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