Meet the Designer: Nicole Tamarin

We interviewed Celebrations Designer Nicole Tamarin, and she shared her personal tips and tricks for designing a collection. Check them out below!

Could you tell us about your work? What inspires you?

Most of my work is painted traditionally with watercolor. It’s fun to dabble in other media but I always seem to come back to painting in the end. My inspiration comes from seeing a final product. I have never  thought of my art as something which simply belonged on the wall and was never satisfied with creating an image for the sake of creating. I always found myself thinking “now what?” as if it was not complete. I love the restraints of context and the process of thinking through an image’s use. It’s one of the reasons I have always been drawn to illustration over fine art.

How would you describe the style of most of your designs?

A new take on the traditional. For a long time I didn’t even realize I had a style at all, it had to be pointed out to me. I like my designs to be clean and polished. I’ve been told my work has a subtle sophistication–works for me! I seem to be drawn to classic subject matters and colors but try to reinvent them to suit today’s market. I will never be a trendy artist even though I absolutely love trendy styles. I guess you are drawn to the things you don’t do.

How has your art changed over the years? Do you have any predictions of what it will be like in the future?

My style has stayed pretty consistent over the years, interests and subject matter have varied and hopefully, my work has grown to look a bit more professional! One of the biggest changes has been moving from paint and paper to digital media. It has been a challenge to figure out a way to keep the traditional look and feel of watercolor but make it as versatile as images created digitally. I really have only been exploring this new avenue for a year and I have so much to learn! It’s hard to say what the future will hold, technology is developing at a dazzling rate. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a watercolor program where I could control the pigment just as I do on paper. I have friends who create using Painter after using traditional acrylic and oil and I didn’t even realize it! I do think that there will be a renewed interest in traditional work. Perhaps I have to tell myself this because of the way I work, but I do think it is happening. We are seeing it with our entertainment, A capella and dance shows are now prime time television. Social networking has gone from solely online to local meet ups. Knitting, Crocheting and Quilting are catching on like wild fire with Stitch and Dishes popping up everywhere.

What made you decide to work with

I can’t remember how I stumbled on but I recognized a few of the artists who were designing and thought it would be a new direction to try. It’s my first experience designing cards but I really have enjoyed it.

If you had to choose a favorite invite you have made, what would it be?

It’s hard to choose, I suppose Sea of Stars. It makes a great invite for a little boy’s birthday, baby announcement or baby shower. Again, classic subject matter but with a little twist!

What benefits have you found the Internet has for your work?

Exposure, exposure, exposure! I do not believe you can fully launch an artistic career online but what a wonderful way to connect with other artists and find opportunities for your art.



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