Meet the Designer: Stacey Meacham

Get up close and personal with one of our top designers, Stacey Meacham. See her favorite invitations, design tips, creative inspirations and more!

Could you tell us about your work? What inspires you?

My work is fresh and clean. I love pops of color, strong typography and beautiful photo crops. I have a very classic, yet retro style that speaks to a modern eye. My design philosophy is less is more, white space is king and details are everything. I am inspired by all things beautiful but in particular I obsess over pattern, color and type. I have never met a stripe I didn’t like.


How would you describe the style of most of your designs?

I would describe my design style as being fresh and clean, with classic details. That being said my style is always evolving and ever changing.


How has your art changed over the years? Do you have any predictions of what it will be like in the future?

My illustration style has grown tremendously and I am finding myself using it more and more in my designs. I come from a fine arts, abstract painting background, but my design tendencies have been very graphic so working illustrations into my design work has been a challenge that I have enjoyed. As for predictions, I definitely see a lot more hand lettering and water color brushes in my future.


What made you decide to work with

I was introduced to Celebrations by another designer who was working with them and had great things to say. Plus, I covet all things paper and what better way to translate that love to a bigger audience than through the internet.


If you had to choose a favorite invitation you have made, what would it be?

This is a recent photo birth announcement I did for Celebrations that I’m rather fond of. It has both a girl and boy color way. I love it because it isn’t overly delicate but it still feels very warm and welcoming because of the handwritten details. And what says baby more than a scalloped edge?


What benefits have you found the Internet has for your work?

The Internet has provided me with so many benefits I can not even begin to account for them. The biggest benefit it has allowed me has been to grow my business from my home where I can be with both of my boys all day long.


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