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Perfect Party Games for Any Celebration

From baby showers to cocktail parties, games are a great way to get the conversation flowing and the energy levels rising.

Not only do party games help break the ice when mixing different groups of friends and family, but they introduce healthy competition and bring out new sides of guests the host may have never seen before.

These party games are perfect for anytime your gathering has grown dull or the chatter has roared to an awkward halt—or any time you feel like embarrassing your friends or family just wee bit more than you do on a regular basis!

Who Am I?

To play this game all you will need is a stack of sticky nametags, a marker and a group of willing friends. You can pick a theme to suite the occasion, such as nursery rhyme characters for a baby shower, or famous couples for a wedding party, etc.

To Play

Using the internet and your combined knowledge of pop culture to guide you, write the name of a famous person or fictional character on each name tag.

When guests first arrive slap the nametag on their back where everyone but the wearer can see it, and explain the following rules to them:

The object of the game is for each guest to guess the name that is on his or her back.

They may only learn of their name by asking yes or no questions to other party guests. For instance if a guest had the name Peter Pan, and she asked, “am I a boy?” the other guests would say yes. If she asked, “do I live with my parents?” they would then say no.

The more obscure the characters or people you choose are the harder the game becomes. Be watchful of cheating guests whose hints are more than yeses or nos!

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a great ice breaker, and a way to find out interesting facts about your friends and family you may not otherwise know.

To Play

The way the game works is that each participant is to come up with three statements: two truths and a lie. One of the statements must be a lie, it can be a plausible, rather believable lie, but a lie nonetheless.

The other two statements must be facts about the participant, and the other guests are responsible for guessing which statements are true and which one is a lie.

This game really challenges guests to get creative with their lies, while at the same time sharing fun, factual details about themselves. You’d be surprised how many of your friends are pretty good at lying!

Friend Bingo

This game is most successful (and fun) when played amongst close friends or family members.

To Play

At the beginning of a small get together hand out blank Bingo cards and ask your guests to fill them out with actions they think other guests will complete.

The game benefits from the predictability of our friends and family, and can be played over the course of an entire party.

After guests have finished filling out their cards supply them with a Bingo marker and have them mark off each square when a guests performs the action. 

For a more challenging game, have guests swap cards. Squares can contain predictions such as “Rachel talks about her cats” or “John twirls his mustache”.

The point of the game is not so much to call your friends out on their strange and predictable behavior, rather than to show them how well you know them.

The object of Friend Bingo is the same as classic Bingo, though whether guests must fill an entire card or just a line is entirely up to the host!

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