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Red Envelope Game

On Chinese New Year, Chinese children eagerly await the opening of Red Envelopes or red pockets, which are literally elaborate red envelopes that hold money.

The envelopes are given from adults to children to scare away the bad spirits and wish the children prosperity in their future.

You can often go to a Chinese bank or go to a Chinese convenience store to buy some red envelopes if you'd like to partake in this tradition.

Fill them with either chocolate coins or money and give them to the younger generation in your family, or pass them out to good friends, to wish a prosperous new year.

Alternatively, if you don't celebrate Chinese New Year, you can also incorporate the tradtion by turning it into your own custom for a festive New Year's Eve party game.


25 red envelopes
Chocolate coins
Appropriate little trinkets (think key chains, candy, costume jewelry, little cars)
Money for the big winner


Take 25 red envelopes and fill them up with a variety of things. One envelope can hold money, another can hold a little toy, another a few chocolates, etc.

Out of all of these envelopes, one should have an ultimate cash prize.

Tile the red envelopes on the wall 5 by 5 (if you want more envelopes, you can. 6x6, 7x7...)

Blindfold the player and spin them around three times, then have them pick one of the packets.

Alternatively you can play this game in a Pin The Tail On the Donkey-style and have the player pin one of the packets, instead of grabbing it.

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