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Sanity Tips for a Bridal Shower Hostess Who's Gone Crazy

If you're stressing out planning a bridal shower for a bride, read our advice to help prevent yourself from going crazy!

If you’re hosting a bridal shower for your best friend, sister or relative, you may be experiencing one of the following symptoms:

    Sudden stress spike due to interaction with a Bridezilla
    Resembling Justin Bieber from your sudden teenage-like acne
    Heart palpitations when hearing words like “toilet paper” or “punch”
    Nightmares about cupcakes and cake pops

If you can relate to one or more symptoms, I can safely diagnose you with a case of Bridal Shower Hosting Stress Syndrome.

No, this isn’t a real condition. But it's situation I keep seeing over and over again as many people I know are getting married these days. In an effort to prevent you from having a mental breakdown like many before you, read my advice for keeping the sanity levels at a manageable pace as you plan a bridal shower for the bride-to-be.

Step 1: Breathe and Remember Why You Love That Insane, Controlling and Hard-to-Please Dictator, err, I Mean Bride.

If you’ve got yourself a bride on hand who’s somehow taking it upon herself to direct every little aspect of the bridal shower even though that’s what you’re supposed to be doing, listen up. Her upcoming nuptials are her big day. From the time she was 5, she’s dreamed of this and has been mentally planning this to a T. So it’s possible the wedding planning frenzy has turned her into a minor case of Control Freak. What you need to do is recognize this fact, breathe and remember that before all of this this, she’s a person you care for.

Step 2:  Have a Drink and Tackle the Beast Head On. And I Don’t Mean the Bride.

The best way to handle any type of stress is to determine what the cause of that particular stressor is, and find ways to remedy the problem immediately from the top. So, fix yourself a drink, sit down and make an action list of a some things you can easily do in a few hours. Whether it’s calling a couple restaurants for their brunch menus or ordering party favors online, getting some things off your bridal shower planning plate will immediately make you feel more in control of the situation. That’ll get the ball rolling and you’ll set yourself up for a pace to check off everything you need to host the party.

Step 3: Realize Everyone’s Jealous You’re the Maid of Honor But Consider Their Two Cents Anyway.

You may find members of the bridal party or family trying to chime in with what they think are great suggestions for the bridal shower theme, décor or games. But for some reason, you may not see eye-to-eye on why they think having a paintballing bridal shower theme is a great idea. If you have other invited guests offering up their “great ideas”, be patient and listen their suggestions. It’s possible they may know things about the bride you don’t and it may worth considering. But obviously, veto anything ridiculous.

Just remember, you’ve taken up the task to host and plan the bridal shower, but that doesn’t mean you need to loose your sanity. Remember to take one thing at a time and not to sweat the small stuff. Whatever you end up planning, the bride will surely love and appreciate everything you did to plan her bridal shower.

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