Super Bowl Football Betting Boxes

The guys will love going head to head with one another in their Super Bowl Box Betting game, but the ladies will enjoy the friendly competition as well. 

The classic betting pool is the most common of Super Bowl games. Keep things easy for yourself with this handy Super Bowl party game printable.

We've done the work to create a simple board for your football bets - which, best of all, can be used throughout the season. Have fun and place your bets here!

Just click and print!

In addition to the traditional Super Bowl game pools, why not stir it up a bit and make things a little more interesting for your guests throughout the whole game?

Here, we've come up with a few fun "bets" that will keep your party glued to the game! Check out our article and free printable for an even more extended list of Super Bowl prop betting ideas . These are great betting ideas that we bet your Super Bowl guests will love.

Don't forget to give out fun, quirky prizes to all of the winners such as trophies, mini footballs, football cookies, etc. Pick up football-inspired favors that are inexpensive, but fun - it will definitely add to the fun!

Pre-Game Action

Even before kick-off there's tons of action. Here are a few ways to get your guests placing a few bets of their own.

Announcer Bets
Start taking bets as soon as the broadcast begins! Ask guests how many times they think the announcers will say, "Welcome Back to Super Bowl ___" after commercial breaks.

The coin toss!
Make this a group bet, by splitting your guests into teams. Heads or tails?

Crazy for Commercials

The Super Bowl broadcast is famous for its entertaining commercials. There are so many types of Super Bowl commercials and certain brands that air every year! Here are four ideas:

Before kick-off, bet on what the first commercial will be advertising.

Later, guess how many commercials for websites pop up before halftime.

Keep tally of how many commercials have a celebrity in it. The person with the closest guess wins.

Take note and keep a tally of which commercial brands have aired the year before.

Half-Time Fun

It's time for the big show--and big bets! Try these:

Bet on whether there will be another "wardrobe malfunction".

Ask guests how many "surprise" musicians/singers will pop-up in addition to the scheduled performers.

Fireworks or no fireworks?

Have everyone place their bets at your Super Bowl party and have a blast!

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