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9 Beautiful Thanksgiving Pie Crust Designs

The turkey is, of course, the quintessential food of Thanksgiving. But after we stuff our faces full of the sliced poultry, creamy mashed potatoes and gravy, and sink slowly into a tryptophan-laced state of gluttony, it’s time for dessert.

Pie is typically the reigning champ of Thanksgiving desserts, especially pumpkin and pecan varieties, so why not jazz up the standard old designs this holiday season? We’ve found some of the most gorgeous and impressive pie topper designs from an alarming breed of over-achievers who make us feel equal parts inspired and inadequate.

But even if you can’t execute these designs just as well (I’m telling you now, you probably can’t), there are fun ways to incorporate unique new designs onto your Thanksgiving pie. And if you are completely at a loss for cutting and placing dough, you can always use a pie top cutter. Just don’t tell your mother-in-law.

1. Falling Leaves Chess Pie

Chess pie is already delicious, but the prefectionists over at The Vintage Mixer made this one more gorgeous by adding a subtle leaf design on the side of the crust. It gives a fun falling leaf vibe, and almost makes us want to not cut into the delicious dessert. Almost.


2. Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Beauties

The style of these pumpkin pies from Cherry Tea Cakes are so adorable, and look lovely assorted all togeher. Assuming you can manage to make not one, but several of these beauties, it will make for a tasty treat that will surely impress your guests. 


3. Chic Chevron Topper

Chevron is already all over your decor, so why not incorporate it into your pie? The tutorial on Style Me Pretty actually looks relatively simple, and they used different-sized lines for a dramatic effect. While Charlie Brown is still keeping an eye out for The Great Pumpkin, we have a feeling he'd love to be snacking on this pie. 


4. Personalized Pie Inscription

The superstars over at Style Me Pretty also made this gorgeous pie design using cutout cursive letters. Cursive! It looks like the pie gods took their immaculate inscription pen and carved a delicate message right on top of the pumpkin masterpiece. This one spells "Love," but I have a feeling mine would read "Fail," or more accurately, "Fdyl."


5. Flower Power Pie

Turn your pie into a blossoming flower like the folks over at Cookie's Crumbles. They used this design on a peach pie for a summer effect, but it would look lovely on really any pie for the holidays. Then, you can play the "he loves me, he loves me not" game as you're slicing up your work of art. 


6Pile of Leaves

The Vintage Mixer people may have just been one-upped by whoever baked this intricate pie topped with pile of leaves. Blogger Bree-zy.tumblr.com posted this photo, and Fine Cooking did something very similar. 


7. Pumpkin-on-Pumpkin-on-Pumpkin

A pumpkin pie topped with a pumpkin-shaped crust. How meta. Also, I guess it could help distinguish which pie is which, if you want to take an extra 12 hours of your day to do so rather than just write little food placecards. The photo has been floating around Pinterest, but props to whoever executed the dessert so beautifully. 


8. Gorgeous Floral Setting

Um, yeah, I'm just going to go ahead and chalk this one up as a fail waiting to happen. Congratulations, annonymous baker who is getting praise all over Pinterest – you win.


9. I Heart Pie

Just like the leaves design, but better because it's a big pile of hearts. Great way to show your family that you love them during the holidays. Or an extra boo-ya to your annoying cousin who keeps making jokes about keeping Domino's on speed dial "just in case." 

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