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Tips to Combine Style for a Wedding Look You'll Both Love

My husband and I were very lucky with our wedding florists - they're long time family friends, but they're also incredibly talented. Not only do they know their blooms, they also are super creative when it comes to staging an entire event's overall look.

To this day, and I'm sure for many more to come, I am overwhelmed with compliments from my guests, other vendors and those who have only seen photos, at how fantastic a job my florists did with the whole look of our big day.

While I am fully aware that there are many stunning weddings celebrated every day, I took a key observation away from my own personal experience.

Successfully creating a look for your wedding day that will truly impress and leave a lasting memory lies in taking the style of both the bride and the groom and meshing them so that they become a singular expression of the couple coming together.

Some couples may have an easier time of this than others. For my husband and I it was a bit tricky.

While I'm totally classic, in love with anything vintage and old, he's completely modern. I like a more rustic look, he prefers a cleaner, crisper style.

No doubt it was thanks to many years of knowing us that our family of florists were more easily able to marry our two styles together so successfully.

But, you can have an easy time of blending your styles, too - just follow these tips!

Think outside the box when it comes to bases. Literally. Play with shapes - our florists used clear, thin, tall cylinder vases for our centerpiece's base. The vases brought a clean look to the table and allowed guests to socialize without distraction, but they also acted as a clean base to build our centerpieces off of that worked with both my style and my husband's.

There's a world of flowers out there, check them out! My florists brought in my style to our table with the blooms they used - some of which I'd never seen before. The taller, thinner center flowers added a whimsical look to the room, while the fuller shorter stemmed flowers brought elegance to the table.

Save money, use color not flower types to drive the look of your centerpieces. We had a tight budget and to save on flowers our creative florists suggested we work more with color in mind rather than a specific flower. No two centerpieces at my wedding were exactly alike - they all used different flowers, but created a cohesive look because of the colors used.

Be open minded to artistic ideas. It's easy as a bride to try and dictate every exact detail of your day, but remember - your florist is the professional. What I loved most about my centerpieces was how my florists submerged all different blooms in water and accented my tables with colored LED lights. I NEVER would have thought I'd like this - but guess what? It turned out to be my favorite part.

Lesson here? Take time to talk to your finance to see where your similarities lie - be it in color, light use or shape. Then, use this similarity as a base and incorporate elements of both your style into the details of your wedding's overall look.

Then, find a florist you like and let them contribute! There is NO WAY my day would have looked as beautiful as it did if I had simply dictated - florists are artists and professional ones at that. They know best!

Shout out to Flowers by Floyd Harbor! You guys rock!

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