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Top 5 Beer-Baque Drinking Games

Create a fierce competition of drinking games at your next backyard bash. We've put together a list of the top 5 drinking games most often played. Try them all with your friends this summer.

You can divide the teams any way you like and the best part - since you're the host, house rules apply. 10 cup beer pong, anyone?

Beer Pong

aka Beirut is quite possibly the most popular drinking game of our generation. Most likely created by bored college kids, this game of plastic cups, a long table and a couple ping-pong balls has caught on like wildfire. The rules are simple - toss a pong ball at the opposing team's cups; if the ball lands in a cup, the other team must drink the beer. The team who "hits" the most cups is declared the winner!

Flip Cup 

Again all you need is some plastic cups and a long table. Form teams of 4-7 players and line up on opposite sides on the length of the table. Each person has a cup 1/4 of the way filled with beer. The team to drink the beer and then flip all their cups upside down on the table is the winner!


This drinking card game is great for everyone because it's all luck. Each card drawn from the deck in the middle requires something silly (make up the rules as you go). Usually, if a player draws a four, he/she must take four sips of beer. The person to draw the last King in the deck has to chug a beer and then wear the empty cup on his head. Hey, rules are rules.


This interactive game requires concentration, skill and finesse... all things drunk people are lacking. Follow the directions on the box and then add your own twist. You can play "Survivor Jenga" in which the team collectively votes someone off after each time the tower topples. Jenga can be played indoors or out - just make sure you have a flat surface.


Another classic that most likely carried over from your college years. You don't need to be rich to start this game. All you need is a quarter and a shot glass. Each person takes turns attempting to bounce the quarter onto the table and into the shot glass. It is harder than it sounds and leaves one question - who will take the shot after a quarter has been sitting in it?

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