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Top 5 Reasons Why Being Single Around the Holidays is Awesome

Check out our Top 5 Reasons Why Being Single Around the Holidays is Awesome and discover more inspiration on Celebrations.com

Though it's no Valentine's Day with pink and red hearts attacking from every direction, the holiday season is a romantic time of the year.

That being said, it doesn't mean you have to turn into Scrooge if you're without any arm candy. We've got loads of reasons why being a single lady around the holidays is so awesome, but here are our top 5 reasons - kissing lots of hot single guys under the mistletoe without guilt is too obvious to be listed!

#5: You Only Have to Deal with One Crazy Family--Your Own

While nobody is stealthy enough to dodge Aunt Bertha’s kamikaze "when are you getting married?" questions, at least when it's the same Aunt Bertha you've known since you were born (when your mom was likely younger than you are now), you can be a little less polite. Walking away without answering won't necessarily raise any red flags as it would, say, if you were the visiting girlfriend of one's dear nephew.

#4: You Have the Power to Unleash all Your Holiday Obsessions

Do you relish the holiday season for all its ice-skating, a-caroling goodness? Well, then, put on a reindeer sweater and let 'er rip. Wake up at 5am on Christmas morning and bake as many batches of as many different cookies as your little heart desires and by all means, go wild with the cookie cutters!

Have you been wanting to create magical Christmas cards in matching sweaters, against the backdrop of a snowy wonderland? Your dog certainly won't object, as a significant other may! And how much cuter is a puppy in a Santa hat than some dude? You're single, so unleash your holiday seal in your own, singular style.

#3: You Can Shun the Holidays Altogether

On the flip side, perhaps you're more of, er, a Scrooge figure around this time of year. Twinkling lights are more blinding than magical, you'd rather listen to raps about bling than Bing Crosby and if you have to not-so-regretfully decline one more Ugly Sweater Christmas Party (why celebrate ugliness?!), you'll scream. It's OK, you're single, and there's no one telling you you have to do any of it. Take the opportunity of not being tied down to play it cool, and be thankful you're not stuck under the mistletoe obliging the inexplicably festive person you partnered up with. Who needs mistletoe, anyway?

#2: You Don't Have to Buy Gifts for His Uncle Ron, His Cousin Suzy's New Triplets, Your Honey's Perfectionist Mom and His Four Sisters or, Well, Anyone.

Practically speaking, being single for the holidays just plain saves you money. And the shorter a holiday gift list, the less stress the season must be. And, let's face it--gifting for a significant other and the family is as much a reflection of your worthiness for their dear son/brother/nephew/uncle as it is a tasty gift basket of mixed nuts.

Instead of spending December catching snowflakes on your tongue and watching old movies by a roaring fire, you're plagued with the nagging worries that go along with future-family-in-law gift-giving: is it too much? Not enough? Why can't the person I'm dating, for whose family I'm playing Father Christmas for, help at all? What if they get me something awful and it shows in my face? What if they return my generous gift of socks with something ridiculously expensive? Overall, it's a horrible situation that lucky singletons are exempt from.

#1: The Cocktail Party Circuit is Your Oyster.

The best part of the holidays, aside from the cookies, are the parties. Without having to drag someone to the office holiday party, you can live it up and not feel too guilty if the extra trip to the punch bowl results in an awkward bump-and-grind with Dale from accounting.

Anyone can agree the parties are the best part of any holiday, especially when you're single, of course. Armed with a wingwoman and decked in your sequined best, punch-bowling party hops hold the true magic of the holidays.

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