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Upcycled Paper Bag Wreath for Fall

Upcycle your brown paper bags to create your very own DIY fall wreath! Read on for the step-by-step tutorial.

Fall is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to welcome the season than with a beautiful autumn wreath. This simple wreath is made from upcycled brown paper bags.

By wrinkling, creasing, and cutting them into leaf shapes, the brown paper looks remarkably similar to dried magnolia leaves. Some leaves are spray painted gold and silver for interesting sheens.


Brown paper bags (or brown kraft paper)

Metallic gold and silver spray paint


Hot glue gun

Floral MDF craft ring


Step 1: Cut out the bottom of each bag and along one side so that they lay flat. Crinkle them to create texture.

Step 2: Outdoors, spray paint one side of a few bags in metallic gold and silver. Leave a few bags as natural brown paper.

Step 3: Cut the bags into rectangles, about 3” x 6”. Fold the rectangles in half lengthwise and crease. Then, cut a curve along one edge so that it forms a symmetrical leaf shape once opened.

Step 4: Open the leaf shape and fold up the bottom 3/4” of the “leaf” and crease. The folds create a dimensional leaf that will give more depth to the wreath.

Step 5: Repeat until you have a pile of gold, silver, and brown paper leaf shapes that have been cut and folded. You will need double the amount of brown paper leafs than gold or silver.

Step 6: Using a floral MDF craft ring as a base, use hot glue to secure each leaf to the base. Start with one leaf aligned with the ring, then position the next one so that it points to the right, and glue the next one off to the left.

Step 7: Repeat these positions so that the wreath will appear very full. You should also alternate the different colors so that they’re all evenly distributed. My pattern ended up being:

Gold – center

Brown – right

Silver – left

Brown – center

Gold – right

Brown - left

Silver – center

Brown - right

Continue with alternating pattern

Step 8: Once the craft ring is completely filled with “leaves,” all that’s left to do is hang the wreath & enjoy! This wreath should not be hung where it is exposed to the elements.

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