I'm Sorry, Creed Charges How Much to Sing At Your Wedding?

If you thought hiring the best band in town for your wedding was going to be expensive, wait until you see how much the top musicians command for a private performance. 

Sure, the idea of hiring Justin Timberlake or Madonna to perform at your wedding sounds amazing, but we all know that would come at a hefty price tag. One million dollars, actually. But what about some of our favorite musical acts from years past, or the ones who aren't exactly A-listers, but still know how to please a crowd?

Priceonomics has put together a list of what some of the top musicians charge for private performances. Some aren't that shocking -- if I had $200,000 to spare, then you'd better believe John Legend would be performing at my wedding. But Creed charges at least $100,000? And Nickelback could set you back a cool half mill for their private show? Come again?!


via Priconomics


For the top musical acts of our generation, expect to shell out at least $100,000 (as this list entails). But click over to Priceonomics to see what some lesser-known acts will perform for. If you have $3,000 to spend on a band called The Toasters, then by all means...


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