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Bad (as in good) 80's Cocktails

Just like everything about the 80s, cocktails during the decade were bright, bold and fun. For your 80s theme party we highly recommend serving up all of these top 80s drinks, but if you can't do all, at least do one!

Add extra oomph to your fab 80's beverages with brightly colored bendy straws, cheesy garnishes, plastic animals and flashing ice cubes.


Top 80s Drinks

1. Super Fruity Wine Coolers


Buy them at at store or go the homemade route like we did. Fruity strawberry wine coolers are super simple to mix up at home and require just a few ingredients.


2. JELLO Shots

These guys are a must and they're super easy to make. Just grab a box of Jello and mix up the usual way, but instead of using all the cool water replace 3/4 of the suggested measurement with vodka!

Pour the mixture into shot glasses to cool and solidify. We never have enough shot glasses for all our Jello shots, so we always visit a local fast food joint before making these to ask for their mini ketchup cups, which work perfectly. Most of the time the place is willing to give it to us for free - just buy a milk shake!



If you're looking to give these fun shots a trendy twist, we're big fans of serving our Jell-O shots in lemon or lime wedges - they turn the shot into something a bit tangier and sweeter!


3. Fuzzy Navels

These 80s drinks are lighter on the alcohol and are really easy to make. Mix up 2 ounces of peach schnapps with orange juice and ice in a tall glass. That's it! We recommend garnishing with one of the above suggestions.


4. Sex on the Beach

This cocktail is still a popular request nowadays - but was a really big hit in the 80s. Stir in an ounce of vodka with an ounce of peach schnapps and 2 ounces each of orange and cranberry juice in a highball glass filled with ice.


5. Long Island Iced Tea

Though first mixed up in the 70s, the Long Island Iced Tea became a hit among 80s yuppies. There are a few versions out there, but we like the more popular mix of equal parts vodka, gin, rum and tequila with a splash of sour mix and cola.


80s Music Mixes



If none of the top picks above seem totally awesome to you, just create a signature sip you'll love inspired by the decade.


Celebrations.com Expert, Rachel Hollis, shared these totally tubular sips with us. Both cocktails are inspired by two of the top artists from the 80s - Madonna and Boy George. She's mixed up a Karma Chameleon Cosmopolitan and Vogue Martini recipe. Both are perfect for a ladies-only 80s theme party!

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