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Halloween Drinking Games

Here are a few drinking games to help consume those chilling, Halloween concoctions. Find out which drinks to serve and how to put a Halloween twist on your favorite games.

Here's an example of a round: "1, 2, monster, 4, mash, monster, 7, 8, monster, mash, 11, monster, 13, 14, monster mash, 16, 17, monster, 19, mash, monster"...and so on.

Rev up the fun at your Halloween Party with drinking games like Horror Movie Trivia, Name That Bone, and Monster Mash.

Drinking games can be played to encourage cocktail conversation without the "take a sip when you lose" rule or as icebreakers to get guests in the party mood. You'll recognize some of these games as old favorites with a gruesome twist for Halloween.

Play responsibly and opt for winner "bragging rights" instead of loser sips for every wrong answer when players have had enough to drink.


1. Name That Bone! Drinking Game

Although our nurse and doctor friends may have an unfair advantage when playing this drinking game, we'll include them anyway! Players try and guess the names of the bones on a human skeleton.

Hang a plastic skeleton near the game area.

Point to a bone and ask a player to Name That Bone!

Use a skeleton drawing with labeled bones to check answers.

Players lose when they answer incorrectly and may take a sip.

Geek it up a notch by quizzing players on the meaning and origin of each bone name!


2. Horror Movie Trivia

Trivia is always a fun way to get people interacting with one another. Whether or not your guests know each other they will be happy to play this spooky twist on an old time favorite! 

Research horror movie trivia online.

Write questions and answers on cards.

Players try and answer questions correctly and may take a sip when they are incorrect.


3. Classic Beer Pong - with a Spooky Twist

Play a classic drinking game everyone knows and loves - just give it a twist for the occasion. It's as simple as swapping red solo cups for orange ones and the usual ping-pong ball for a more festiveeyeball design!


4. Which Dead Celebrity Am I?

In this Halloween party drinking game, players guess the name of the deceased celebrity on a nametag on their back. Morose, I know, but a fun way to break the ice.

Write the names of dead celebrities on self-adhesive nametags.

Put a nametag on the back of each person when they enter the party.

Guests must ask other guests "yes" or "no" questions such as, "Am I a man?" or "Did I star in black and white movies?" in order to guess the name on their back.

For this game, guests can only take a sip after they ask 5 questions and may fully enjoy their cocktail after they guess who's on their back.


5. Monster Mash Drinking Game

Put your thinking caps on! This is a tricky adult Halloween drinking game. Players count and must say the word "monster" on numbers divisible by 3, "mash" on numbers divisible by 5, and "monster mash" on numbers divisible by both 3 and 5. However we'd be surprised if any group can get past 15! Oops! I mean monster mash!

Player 1 starts by saying "1."

Player 2 continues by saying "2."

Player 3 must say "monster" because it is divisible by "3."

Players lose when they mess up and may take a sip or are eliminated from the game until 2 players are left to count it out into the hundreds!

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