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Oreo Truffles

When I tell you there is no easier, more decadent, satisfying, mouth watering, uh-mazingly delicious, perfectly perfect dessert than these little morsels of happiness, I'm not exaggerating.

Last week we sent our lovely intern Melanie out into the world to extend her wings and try out a new gig. It was a tough goodbye - Mel was so fantastic and we really enjoyed having her on the team. Plus, she has exceptional taste in fashion and I will sorely suffer for lack of direction with my own wardrobe.

Anyway, the team and I wanted to offer our thanks for a job well done and celebrate Mel's time with us in a special way. This, of course, meant baking something because, as you may have guessed, we here at Celebrations.com will break out the cake pans, cupcake liners or cookie cutters at the first chance we get.

Since Jaclyn was sweet enough to make me some pretty awesome gingerbread men for my birthday I volunteered to whip something up for this albeit, sadder celebration.

Mel's last day was a Wednesday, which meant I would have to bake something Tuesday night after cooking dinner. While looking for something easy and made from chocolate (Mel's as much a chocaholic as I am), I remembered some truffles I'd had at a bridal shower a couple of years ago.

The recipe's been around a while now. Check the internet and you'll find some that date back as far as 2006. WHY you may wonder, as I did, has it taken so many years for ME to try this?

I used this recipe to start, but made a couple of tweaks since I had to trim down the number of truffles it produced and wanted to get some of the cream filling in them.

  • 3/4 of an 8 ounce block of light cream cheese
  • 12 ounces semi-sweet baking chocolate
  • 2 rows of Oreo cookies, 1 completely whole and 1 with just the cookies.
  • Don't waste the cream filling with your 2nd row of Oreos. I made a couple giant Oreos and enjoyed with a tall glass of milk. Lots of calcium!)

In a food processor, crush all your cookies into a fine crumble. Then, add your cream cheese and pulse to incorporate. Mix until you've got an even blend. While I melted my chocolate I placed my truffle mixture in the fridge so it'd be easier to work with.

Before you begin rolling your truffles, line a cookie sheet with wax paper. This will prevent your truffles from sticking.

When the mixture is ready, begin rolling your truffles and try to keep them uniform in size. These guys are decadent, so a little goes a long way. I used the tip of a teaspoon to measure out my truffles.

Once all of your truffles are rolled, dunk them in the melted chocolate -- this should be runny and warm but not overly hot or your truffles will melt.

Place on the wax paper as you work. If a pool of chocolate forms at the bottom of the truffles you can trace a ring around the base with a toothpick so that when it cools it won't set with the excess chocolate.

I topped my chocolate dipped truffles with a drizzle of white chocolate, too - black and white really are the classic Oreo colors after all!


About 30 truffles

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