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S'mores Whoopie Pies

If you don't know it already, I'm a tad obsessed with s'mores and so, too, is my husband. We passed s'more favors out at our wedding and they were of course, a hit. My friends and family know about our love for the classic summer treat, so it was no surprise they found a place in our wedding.

I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to s'more creations and I've even experimented a bit in my own kitchen with different baked version of the treat.

I've made s'more cupcakes... stuffed with fluff, too!

I've made s'mores cake balls ...

I've made Patti Allan's s'more cookies ...

And I've made a s'mores brownie/cake bar that was so good I couldn't wait long enough to take a picture before I ate them.

But none of these delicious s'mores treats compares to the s'more whoopie pies I made for the hub's birthday.

Though we've only been married a bit more than 6 months, I've celebrated 8 birthdays with my husband and this year, our first married, I wanted to celebrate with something extra special.

I won't lie, I was planning on making those s'more cake balls I made a few summers ago, but then there was an accident.

One of the cake balls got squished - and as they say, the rest is history.

How-to make s'mores whoopie pies:

1. Follow our s'mores cake ball recipe to create the s'mores cake balls. Then, after you've put the rolled cake balls in the fridge for an hour, instead of leaving them round to dunk in chocolate, flatten your cake balls into thin discs. You want these pretty thin and flat. They may look like gross beef patties here, but that's just fluff peeking through - promise they'll still be nice and moist!

2. Allow your cake to set in the fridge for another 30 minutes. Meanwhile, melt your Hershey's chocolate over a double boiler. You may need more than 3 bars for this since the area you're covering is larger - I used closer to 5. Remove from heat just before your chocolate is completely melter, stir with a wooden spoon to make smooth. Also, crush up your graham crackers.

3. Remove your cake discs from the fridge and begin dunking into your melted chocolate. As you dunk, place the chocolate covered discs on wax paper and top every other one with crumbled graham crackers.

4. Allow to set completely. When ready, take one of the non-graham cracker covered discs and another with graham crackers to create the sandwich. Fill the middle with marshmallow fluff and enjoy!


20 mini whoopie pies

Prep Time:

Total time = 45 minutes

15 minutes to mix cake with fluff and roll into balls

25 minutes to dunk all discs, top with graham crackers

5 minutes to assemble the pies

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