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Angel-Themed First Birthday Party: Tips and Recipes to Celebrate Your Angel

What better way to celebrate your little angel than with an angel-themed birthday party! We've created a heavenly (and stress-free) first birthday party, including mini angel food cakes, angel food snack cups and a parent-serve milk and juice bar. 

Luckily setting up an angel-themed birthday party isn't that difficult. With some creative touches, including craft angel wings, whipped cream and white chocolate wing candy, you can add some fun treats and decor to your birthday bash.

Although this party is fun and creative, we always believe a party should be filled with memories – not stress! We’ve compiled six quick tips to help you make sure your angel's big day goes smoothly. 



1. Let the kids eat cake! We're serving up some individual mini-birthday cakes for each child to enjoy. And what a better way to do that than with mini angle food cakes topped with a cloud of Reddi-wip? Plus without the sugary icing, you won't have to worry about sugar overload and meltdowns at the end of the day. Since we're totally strapped for time (with a one-year-old and all), we skipped the baking and got a loaf of Angel Food Cake to make our mini cakes from.

2. We're obsessing over smash cakes for a fun first birthday celebration! Order a small cake that's the perfect size for your little one, such as the Chocolate Birthday Gracelet Greeting from Cheryl's cookies. It's small enough for your little one to get his or her hands all in, and you can add even more frosting and whipped cream to make it more fun for photos!

3. Adults and kids alike love Jell-O, especially topped with whipped cream. It's a total classic treat, that is simple to make and inexpensive to share. Make these Angel Food Snack Cups the night before and top when you’re ready to serve!

4. Since you're hosting toddlers, skip decor with glass involved. Plastic and melamine are perfect options for plates and cups, plus they are sturdy enough to hold even the messiest of meals.

5. Be a considerate host, and set up a parent-serve baby beverage bar complete with milk and juice. Self-serve gives parents the ability to control what their kids drink, and we can't help but tip our hats off to that!

6. Give the kids somewhere to play! Set up an “Angel’s Corner” play area. Throw down some soft blankets, top them off with some fun tops and invite your guests (and their parents) to be the angels they are and play among the clouds!


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