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Chic and Cheap New Years Eve Party

You don't need to spend a fortune to have a chic New Year's Eve party. Dim the lights, accent the party room with sparkling decor, and serve tasty party food in stemware to make a low-budget party look like a million bucks!

Budget New Year's Eve Party Food

The better it looks the better it tastes! Serve these affordable party dishes in stemware to give them a high-class look on a low budget.

Appetizers in Glasses

Spoon appetizers into martini glasses to make individual portions for guests that are sophisticated, chic and easy to eat from. Arrange glasses on a side table along with spoons for guests to enjoy at their leisure. Don't worry about glasses all matching or using glass at all - you can pick up affordable plastic stemware online or at a local party store to use, too.

Apps to consider serving:

Pasta Salad
Shrimp Cocktail
Mac and Cheese
Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese

Chocolate Fondue and Cookie Dippers

Chocolate fondue is always a big hit at parties. The easiest way to make this dish is to pick up Chocolate Candy Melts and keep them warm over a low flame in a fondue pot.

Serve with cookies, marshmallows, pound cake or whatever chopped fruit fits your budget, but pop them on a stick to give your fondue dessert a fun party feel. Have sprinkles and chopped nuts around to garnish, too.

Cocktail Cookies

If you're looking to keep things even more simple, serve a collection of cookies in the same stemware you use for your apps for a sweet sophisticated dessert. Line up cookie glasses along a mantle or on a countertop for guests to pick up when theyre ready for a sugar rush.


3 Chic & Cheap New Year's Eve Centerpieces

Even pro party planners need to stick to a budget from time to time. The most economical way to create an elegant atmosphere is to lower the lights. Then, illuminate the party with candlesand glimmering accents to give it a diamond touch.

Set up small food and drink stations each with a simple centerpiece throughout your home, as opposed to a large buffet table. This will punctuate the party space with style and keep guests mingling all night long.

Glass Bowl of Noisemakers

Use your noisemakers to liven up the party before midnight.

Place a glass bowl, parfait glass, or a simple tall drinking glasses on each station.

Fill the bowl or glass with noisemakers.

Mirror Tiles and Votive Candles

Mirrors have been used as a base in centerpieces for years. The reflective surface makes the tabletop look larger and catches candlelight beautifully.

Purchase polished-edge mirror tiles from a large home improvement store. Typically, 6 tiles are in a pack for around $10.

Place the tiles throughout the party space on side tables, the coffee table, or your kitchen countertop.

Set a few votive candles in glass holders on the tiles for an easy elegant display.

Sparkling Confetti Candle Bands

Round up the pillar candles inyour home, preferably all within the same color palette. Or purchase pillar candles on closeout after the holidays!

Use clear "permanent" double-stick tape and make a band around the middle of the candle. You can use a couple of strips to make the band wider, but keep it at least 2-inches down from the top rim of the candle.

Place shimmering confetti on a plate and roll the candle in it. The confetti will stick to the tape and create a thematic accent.

Place candles on coordinating holders or small plates at each station throughout the party.


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