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Eat your Veggies - for Dessert!

Get your daily serving of vegetable through dessert with these delicious dessert recipes!

So much of what we serve our kids and whether they will accept it or not is a matter of presentation. Something ordinary can be made very special just by cutting it into a different shape or using a neat little embellishment. Just like taking a cupcake and making it even more fun by adding a little vegetable surprise! Well, more fun for mom anyway!

To make my vegetable filled desserts even more fun and exciting, I used yarn pom-poms and party hats to decorate around my desserts. These are simple party embellishments anyone can do, and to make it even easier, I’ve included my pattern for making birthday hats for you as a free download. Get the polka dot design here and the blue and green design here.

Make Your Own Party Hats

After printing out the hat template, use a pair of scissors to cut out the shape. It’s easy enough, my kindergartener can usually help out with this part.

After cutting out the hat, it just has to be rolled into a cone and fastened with adhesive, the tabbed part going on the inside. A piece of tape down the seam usually works to keep it closed, but if you are feeling extra industrious, a line of hot glue is an excellent (and attractive) way to close up the hat.

I also like to add a few embellishments to the hats, and in these photos, I used little yarn pom poms glued to the tops.

And with all the leftover pom-poms, it was really easy to make a festive garland. Using a wide-eyed needle and a length of embroidery floss, I strung them together to hang.

Now, Celebrate with Veggies!

Whether you're throwing a kids birthday party or looking to turn a weeknight meal into something special, once you've got your party hats ready to go, celebrate with one of these veggie desserts. You're kids won't even realize they're in there!


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