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Super Bowl Entertaining Ideas

Whether you're a season-long fan or just tune in to watch the big game, Super Bowl parties are always high energy gatherings that are most successful when kept simple. If you're hosting the Super Bowl party this year, consider these tips from Expert Shawn Rabideau to ensure your party scores big.

Ideas for Party Drinks

As hosts of the best Super Bowl party in town, make it easy for yourself. Do beer, a few specialty cocktails and maybe some wine. You know your guests best…but no need to stock a full bar! This saves both time and money.

Why not provide beer that has a special meaning? Choose beers that are brewed in the same city or state as the competing teams for a festive feel and to save on budget. Typically, local brews are cheaper than the big brand ones you'll see on every store shelf.

Also, mix things up a bit and ask your guests to bring different beers from around the country. This keeps things interesting, provides a variety, and is a source of conversation for those who may not be glued to the big screen. Also, this takes a little pressure off of you as the host to buy all of the refreshments.

If you know me, you know I can never have a party without a specialty cocktail. In honor of the team you're rooting for, mix up a favorite cocktail that best represents who you're rooting for. Whether it's in name, flavor or color, it's pretty easy to create a signature cocktail based off of a team.

Super Bowl Foods

This is an area where you can have some fun! Both teams will come from areas that are steeped in culinary traditions so get your inspiration from that! Also, think of items that are easy and self served. This way you can enjoy the party yourself!

Party Décor

For this type of party, you don't need to stress too much about decor. After all, as long as you have a comfy couch and a big screen I am sure your guests will be your biggest fans!

But, if you want to get creative, cover your dining table in green turf purchased from your hardware store. Paint white lines like a football field and then download the playing teams logos and place them on the turf.

This is your table covering and décor! It's as easy as hut-hut-hike! Place the food and now you have something that can be used year after year!

Super Bowl Party Games

Buy a few fun gifts and create a trivia game with football, regional, and team questions. 

Time your guests and the one with the highest score wins the game! 

This could be played at half time before your guests start to "fumble". Not the biggest football expert? Go to NFL.com to find plenty of trivia questions!

General Entertaining Tips

If guests ask to bring something, assign them a specific dish or beverage. Nothing worse than getting four pots of chili, and 10 bags of chips that don't get eaten. Your guests will love you for this…they don’t have think what to bring!

Place any valuables that you fear may get broken in a safe place so then you can relax.

Worried about your rugs and floors in the snow? Place out mats for the shoes and boots and provide your guests with inexpensive slippers (manly at that) they can slip on…they can take them and will love you for it!

Have pets? Put them away in a quiet safe place for the day. You don’t have to worry about someone feeding Fido chili or someone stepping on your kitty's tail.

Have kids? Create an area that is safe and fun for them.  Put out football inspired crafts they can make. If they get too wound up - send them outside for a game of touch football.

And most of all, have fun! Check out these recipes and party ideas to make Super Bowl planning even easier.


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