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Top of the Mornin' St. Patrick's Day Party

This Top of the Mornin' St. Patrick's Day Party is educational as well as fun! These recipes, cocktails and decorations will introduce some historical facts to your guests and may add to their understanding of the occasion's history. For more ideas, take a look at our other ideas for Saint Patrick's Day parties, such as homemade decorations, expert advice and recipes!

Prepare a breakfast gathering, an afternoon party or an elegant evening gala with these St. Patrick's Day party suggestions. Our food and drink recipes can be dressed up or down to suit your taste and occasion, but no matter the type of bash you throw, it's sure to be as Irish as can be!

Easy St. Patrick's Day Decor

I'm embarrassed to admit that I never knew the meaning and lasting relevance of the Irish flag. I've held it high on many a St. Paddy's Day without even knowing what the three colors represented.

In case there are any others of you like me out there let me take this opportunity to share my newfound knowledge as well as my floral tribute to this piece of Irish hope and pride.

Its three equal stripes illustrate the Irish political landscape, as accurately today as in 1848, the year the flag was first unfurled.

orange " standing for Irish Protestants
green " signifying Irish Catholics and the republican cause
white " representing the hope for peace between them

To pay tribute to the national flag, I created this simple centerpiece for my buffet table by placing floral foam at the bottom of a short based wooden draw and filled with rows of green, white and orange blooms.

Green ribbons and shamrocks are worn in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. This tradition began as early as the 17th century to pay tribute to St. Patrick's teachings of the Holy Trinity to the Irish and to the national color adopted by the Irish people. Keep the tradition alive by having green carnations available for your quests to pin on when they arrive at your celebration.

Fill an interesting and appropriately themed container, such as the old Bailey's tin that I used here (which interestingly enough, was made in England), with green carnations that are cut short and ready to be adorned with a ribbon or pinned on a lapel as is.

The carnations I've used are a natural green variety called prado. It is one of my favorite flowers because of its beautiful pale green color and is available year round.

If you really want to impress your special Irish lad or lass, look into their eyes as you pin on their carnation and say "T t go h-lainn" (You're beautiful).


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