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Super bowl Guide

Everything you need to throw the most fun and tasty Super Bowl party ever.
Delicious recipes? We've got that. Creative drink and decor ideas?
That's here, too. Send your digital invitations with Celebrations.com, and get the latest tips,
tricks, trends and activity ideas for Super Bowl XLIX.

The real reason people go to Super Bowl parties? Food. Lots and lots of delicious, indulgent, cheesy and greasy food.

Make sure your guests arrive hungry and leave full with our selection of savory recipes.

You'll find everything from trendy appetizers for 2015, to the good ol' classics, including chicken wings and nachos.

Don't forget the desserts!

Even after indulging in wings, guacamole and hamburger dip, there's always room for dessert.

And if it's shaped like a football, even better.

Check out these delicious ideas from celebrations.com ▶ ▶ ▶

Food Trends for 2015

1 Mini is Still Major
Mini foods are very much in style for Super Bowl XLIX. They are much easier to serve and devour, so place them on a toothpick or stick for a lovely presentation.
2 Think About the Teams
Incorporating foods from each team's city, or including the teams' colors in your recipes is a festive way to jazz up your Super Bowl menu.
3 Sriracha is Hot Hot Hot
The spicy condiment goes great with pretty much any Super Bowl staple. Have lots of it on hand!

Washing down your Super Bowl bites with a cold brew is a given.

But there's more to serving beer than just filling a cooler with bottom-shelf cans.

Check out our favorite craft beers, creative ways to serve it, and our signature cocktail made with pale ale.



—Battle of the—

Craft Beers

—Most Popular—

Sports Lagers

—Creative Way To—

Serve Beer

Flag on the play!

Keep your team hydrated all four quarters.

Find out exactly how much booze and ice to buy
with our drink calculator.


People come to Super Bowl parties for the food and the big game, but they stay for the football-shaped cascarones.

OK, that might not be entirely true.

But adding a pop of festive decor really sets the mood for the evening, whether you're throwing a chic and trendy soiree, a thrifty party, a big bash for the hardcore sports fans or a casual get together with a few close pals.

Helpful Party Tips
Less Can Be More

Super Bowl parties are mostly about cheering and booing together, indulging in yummy snacks and adult beverages. Have fun with the decor, but focus on what really matters: food, football and friends.

Keep the Food Warm

If your party is a potluck, set up extra surge protector and encourage guests to bring their slow cookers with them. Or set up chafing dishes to keep food warm all night (just keep an eye on all of these hot plates).

Make Things Accessible

Keep big coolers filled with ice and beer within reach, and scatter food around the house on folding tables and TV trays for easy access. Enjoy your own shindig by making sure guests can fend for themselves.

Koozies = Party Fun

Beer can or bottle koozies will keep everyone's drinks cold, and help distinguish whose is whose. Set out a big pile of koozies and some permanent markers, and guests will have fun doodling and personalizing!

While the pro athletes are playing in the big game, bring out your own competitive spirit with some at-home fun.

Get rowdy with some friendly bets, and quench your thirst with our drinking games.

Not a Katy Perry fan? Pass the time during halftime other ways, too (Puppy Bowl, anyone?)

Alternate Halftime Shows
February 1, 2015
Not a Katy Perry fan? Here's what else you can do during the halftime show:
lazy sunday

1 puppy bowl — The Animal Planet has hosted the Puppy Bowl since '05, and it's sure to feature another lineup of adorable doggies. Sick of watching grown men tackle each other? Watch these furry friends go after toy footballs instead!

2 kitten bowl — Not to be outdone, the Hallmark Channel is launching it's first-ever Kitten Bowl to compete with the successful Puppy Bowl. If you're a cat person (or just want to see some claws come out), this program is purrfect.

3 missing mars — Still nostalgic for the incredible 2014 halftime show Bruno Mars put on? You're not alone. Take a trip down memory lane and watch his performance on YouTube, or pull it up on your DVR if you're like us and haven't deleted it yet (don't judge).

get off your bum

1 put the "i" in "wii" — Get off the couch and challenge some friends to a round of active video games, such as the Nintendo Wii or Dance Dance Revolution. It's a nice change of pace from all of that sitting

2 strike a pose — Create a fun, impromptu photo shoot using your party decor as the background, and take photos with your iPhone. Upload to social media using the photo booth app Pocketbooth, and share with the hashtag #MakeToday.

3 karaoke — Have your guests show off their vocal skills with a round of karaoke. Most digital cable packages have karaoke songs (with the lyrics on the screen!) available On Demand, or go the old-fashioned route with a karaoke machine and instrumental CDs.

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Invite Etiquette
You're Welcome!

If you want guests to bring their own beverages, make sure you say so on the invitations.

2 weeks

It's considered good etiquette to send your invitations out two weeks before your party, so plan on getting them out by Monday, Jan. 20. But planning your party with Celebrations.com allows you to send the invites out as last-minute as you may need.

Potluck or NOTluck?

Feeding and accommodating a full guestlist all by yourself can be really expensive. And a lot of work. Make your fête a potluck, and use our potluck feature on the Celebrations.com invitation options page. Have people sign up for what they can bring. It's cheaper and fun!

Use Celebrations
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1 They're Affordable
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5 You Can Sell Tickets
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You don't have to know the difference between a Backwards Pass and a Hail Mary to talk Super Bowl stats.

Study our playbook of fun facts to one-up the know-it-all at your party.