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Red Zombie Halloween Punch Recipe

Halloween punch recipes are fantastic for keeping guests refreshed. They're easy to put together and will serve a large crowd on even the shortest budget. The real reason we love them so much for Halloween parties though is because it's super fun to get creative with ingredients and concoct a punch recipe that's yummy as well as spooky.

Our cherry flavored punch is transformed into one ghoulish mocktail or cocktail by the addition of what we like to call zombie eyeballs. These of course are just cherries with chocolate chips inserted into them.

This zombie punch is particular sweet, just like any Halloween treat should be!



But, if you're serving to the kids and afraid these super skilled trick-or-treaters will have enough sweets to last a year, you can turn down the sugar factor by halving the amount of cherry cola you put into this punch.

You can also omit the chocolate chips and replace them with raisins - a healthier alternative, but, we don't recommend it for this special Halloween celebration!

  • 2 1/2 cups ginger ale
  • 10 cups cherry cola
  • 5 cups fruity red juice mix
  • 3 1/3 cups pineapple juice
  • maraschino cherries (about a large jars worth)
  • semi-sweet chocolate morsels

Prep your cherries first. Simply pull out the stems and insert the chocolate morsels point side first into the hole it leaves. You'll have to secure these a bit by pushing in gently enough to avoid breaking the cherry, but firmly enough to make sure the chocolate stays put.

We noticed that the chocolate eventually falls out of the cherries, so we opted to assemble the cherries and keep them off to the side to use as a garnish.

Don't be afraid to throw all of the ones you make directly into your punch bowl though - it's definitely not a big deal if the chips fall out. They may not resemble eyeballs in the same way, but the punch will taste fantastic!

Next, just pour all the other liquid ingredients together into your punch bowl.

We found an inexpensive plastic cauldron to use for our display - it really adds that festive Halloween look to the punch. Almost looks like a witch's brew!

Serves: 20


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