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Unexpected Ways to get Party Pretty with Baking Soda

We’ll bet you’d never guess that the secret product for feeling and looking gorgeous all over was just lying around your house! This amazing product is none other than the multi-tasker baking soda and we’re going to share with you three amazing ways you can get glammed up for your next party with this one ingredient!

Tip #1. Pearly White Teeth

You’ve probably already seen that baking soda is a great ingredient that lends itself to whitening properties in toothpaste. Did you know that using baking soda on its own is an incredible way to get gleaming white teeth after just one brushing?! That’s right. If you have a party coming up soon, no need to spend lots of money on an expensive tooth whitening kit. Just dip a dampened tooth brush into baking soda and brush your teeth as you normally would. You’ll notice results immediately - it’s that effective! Just be sure not to overuse this trick - baking soda is so powerful it can wear away at your enamel.

Tip #2. Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is the perfect party accessory. Aestheticians across the board all agree that exfoliation and moisturizing is the key to getting perfect skin. When you exfoliate, you slough away the dead skin cells that can make your face appear dull. So here’s our tip! Use just about a teaspoon of baking soda in your normal face wash about once a week to achieve beautifully glowing skin! It’s texture makes it the perfect gentle exfoliator for your skin. Be sure to moisturize directly afterwards and you’ll be radiant and fresh at your next party. Get ready for compliments!

Tip #3. Shiny Hair

The trick to getting party-pretty hair is to start off with a mane that is clean and not weighed down by build up from your various hair products or the environment. We learned this trick for shinier-than-you-ever-thought-possible hair from a family friend; and since trying it out, we’ve never looked back! Just add a teaspoon to the shampoo in your palm in the shower, and cleanse hair and rinse as your normally would. The baking soda gently cleanses your locks of any and all possible build up - you’ll feel the difference immediately! Once you blow dry and style your hair, you’ll be amazed at all that mega-watt shine!Now that you’ve got your party-ready beauty regime down to a science with just one hard-working household product; what on earth are you going to wear?!!

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