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  Celebrate the ending of the Mayan Calendar and the birth of a new era with a day of Chi Kung, Meditation and Shamanic Breathwork! - * * Friday, December 21st, 2012. 8:30am- 4pm. 
* Treat yourself to a day of relaxation, rejuvenation and transformation
* Learn ancient Chinese methods of strengthening, centering and focusing the mind, body and spirit
* Learn tools to effectively release negative emotions
* Explore Higher States of Consciousness through Movement, Meditation and Breath
Be Good Medicine for Your World. Become an Everyday Shaman.  
Your Host: Kelly Nezat
Soullab presents Everyday Shamans December 21, 2012- Taoist Yoga, Taoist Healing/Shamanic Meditation and Shamanic Breathwork one-day workshop intensive.
It's time to explore higher dimensions, deeper meaning and your true purpose. Tune-in, Balance and Harmonize on the final day of the Mayan Calendar, a once in a liftime event, a day to mark th...
What: Soullab presents the Everyday Shaman's Workshop- Taoist Yoga,ChiKung Meditation, Shamanic Breathwork
Where: Big Chief's Studio
1522 Melpomene Ave.
New Orleans, La. 70130
When: December 21st, 2012, 8:30am - 4pm
Links: The Everyday Shaman

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